Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Painting House Exterior

 Son No. 4. Hayden and long time girlfriend Ambiah Were looking for something to do through this Covid-19 interruption to our lives.

I had stated earlier that the house needed a freshening up, so they were extremely bored after losing their employment and wanted to keep as active as possible. 

We purchased the paint and off they went. Came and went as they pleased we all kept our distance. They even did our shopping for us from time to time. It only took them a week to do 2 coats and have done a fantastic job of painting.

But l think they are glad it is over as the weather is turning cooler.  House looks amazing once again, and we jokingly said we could put the house up for sale now.

Girls Dresses

 Size 3 Mickey and pokier dot top will be adding black dot pants to complete outfit.   Left over fabric form Dress

Size 6 Dress Mickey. I need to find suitable buttons once l can find the right ones or maybe l will have to make my own.
All three dresses are made from same pattern downloaded from Jordan Fabrics You Tube Channel. You will find the jumper dress in the free downloads.  Watermelon dress size 3 fun fabric.
 Decide to add ruffle on top rather than along bottom edge.  Leaving the surged edge as a feature and along hem also.
Cute little sun frock.  For carefree days.  Giving these dresses away to local school/ daycare.

Scrub Hats

Have made a number of Scrub Hats to donate to the local hospitals cancer ward for children and young adults.
These are very comfortable and practical using up as much of my scrap fabrics as possible.  Will continue to make more as l go.
This is a very easy pattern to followed. Can watch on Sew Very Easy You Tube channel. Thinking about making a few for myself  for when l go outside to garden.  Son No. 4 would like one for when he is painting outside.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Making Dresses Plus

Have been slowly getting my sewing mojo back as it has been a while since my last post. Have been buying fabric with ideas in mind but not actually getting any sewing done.  So l decide to make a start with this little jumper dress l found on Jordan fabric you tube.  Simple so l kept changing updating adding as l went. Yes l know the buttons were not straight have gone back and fixed them since. Am making these outfits for under privileged children in local area. Through local school. Have make boys clothes most of my life due to the fact l had 4 boys, wanted to try making a few dresses.  More to come hopefully.
With the virus on our door step and the passing of a father of my son, friend We have been making masks for the homeless. I have been frequenting a local homeless group in Toowoomba.  When the virus came we have been closed down. Except for a few which give out take away meals and products.  We have been supplying vouchers for food and clothing.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Palm Trees To Go.

 So Glad these 4 palms will be gone by the end of the weekend.  Have grown too tall and with the house behind just sold and units going in and earth moving equipment coming and going.

Youngest son Hayden has done a fantastic job today started at 7:am and has just left 3:pm. Has worked no stop they are messy things to take down. Wouldn't couldn't get me to climb up that far everything was tied off safety first always.

l have been asking for a few years now as nothing grows under these plants they suck all the moisture out of the ground get into the pluming.

 Don't like the fronds falling off and landing in the neighbors yards, the Bats flying in nightly to eat the very rip dates and the smell of Bats and rotting fruit mixed with warm weather can be overwhelming at times.

Looking forward to planting native trees shrubs and hopefully attracting the native parrots, bees back to the yard. Maybe the grass down that area will start to regrow.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Joey Pouch & More

Made my first Joey pouch 100 per cent cotton Drill on outside for strength and 100 per cent cotton inside. Thank goodness l found enough to make 3 in the remnants box at spotlight. Thought that they may have had some already cut out to donate to the sewers but no it is at own expense. So be it.

 Heading off to Airlie Beach for some snorkeling next week. Showing sons US friend some more of the sights then on to Fraser Island, Noosa for a swim then back in time for Australia Day. Maybe off to Melbourne.

Made my last tie dye T- Shirt for  Australia Day celebration this one is for Hubby. Said he will only wear it on the day.  But not when we go out for dinner with friends that night. Hahaha!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Tie Dye (Hippy Family)

 Received tie dye for Christmas to play with over the break. My hands are stained as l don't like to use gloves. Have so far managed to make 10 very different t-shirts. Has been fun with everyone having a go at their own creations.
My favorite method so far is the scrunch and /or the spider. Have just completed another 7 today making the family one each for Australia Day picnic.  Have our cricket bat and balls ready to go.
The only way Hubby will wear one is if it is in his beloved Melbourne footy colours.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Scrabble Quilt

Made this Scrabble Quilt for my Mother who turned 80 this year. On Thursday's she meets up with her best friend. For a social game, straight after lunch and it is so much fun watching them engage in laughter, fun antics and friendship that has spanned the years. They are pretty even in the winning stakes.
So after being down to Melbourne many times this year due to parents ill health and playing a game or two with the ladies. I decided to make my mother this quilt which she will receive on her next birthday in Feb. In time for the winter months. Need to put on the binding and signature block.  UPDATE:  Signature block done. Quilt ready to go.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Christmas Wreath Pillow

Only took me 2 years to finally finish this very cute long pillow.  Another UFO finished just in time for Christmas.
 My son Sean is hosting his friend from Texas USA spending Christmas and staying on into the new year. They  looked after Sean when he went over early this year.
Now to get their room in order before December exciting time.   Going to explore the islands off Queensland maybe a bit of scuba diving off Cairns.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Black and White Quilt.

Another black and white quilt under construction.  Following the quilt recipe from Missouri star, making the Ric Rac pattern.  Great size for a large lap quilt or single bed quilt.                       
Some progress is being made.  Although it being slow as life is still very much getting in the way of creativity.

Trimmed and pressed the half square triangles blocks.

Making a total of 36 blocks.

Hopefully l have enough fabric don't wish to make another trip into town.

The powers that be have now decided to start charging for parking if you stay longer than one hour.
When we first arrived here 9 years ago it was a sleepy little town with room to expand.   Now it has taken off at warp speed. May be time to move on.    The second range crossing is complete yet there is still loads of traffic around except for the amount of  trucks and caravans coming into town.  There are new estates opening up everywhere and with the new airport makes it easier to transport good overseas quicker and fresher than before. So the town has come alive.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Skateboard Quilt

Another quilt heading off to it's forever home once again in Melbourne to a young man with impeccable manners and only 6 years old.  Asked me so very nicely if l would make him a quilt like his brothers, but different.  How could l refuse.  So Josh this is for you bubby.

Again made out of left over fabric from a previous quilt. Quilted once again by Bev McClune.
 Now to make and attach quilt label.

Hugs With A Lap Quilt

Another UFO completed and ready to go to its forever home. Heading back to Melbourne next week. To a family who needs a hug as they are doing it tough, who always help others out first. Now it is time for this lovely women and her two wonderful sons to receive a hug.

 This quilt was formed out of scraps left over from another quilt, have managed to make a large lap quilt.
Extremely happy with the quilting that was lovingly executed by Bev McClune a local quilting guru.

Sat in my UFO pile for approximately 2 years not that long now it has a forever home.

My plan is to complete as many scrap type quilts and UFO's as possible and give them away to local hospital and retirement villages.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cushion Covers

Making 2 cushion covers for some very special children in need of a Hug. 
  Using the Scan & Cut once again experimenting  with the new iron on products.
  Think l will make matching Name cushions with left over scraps as l am trying to not have extra left over fabric.

Haven't managed to get many UFO's completed this year as life has once again  had a different agenda. 

UPDATE:   Have not quite completed all as l ran out of stuffing will have to go out in the morning.

Think they came out well, looking forward to handing them on.