Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dress Ups.

This is my beautiful Granddaughter who has just turned 3.

 Loves to dress up, dance and sing along with her favorite shows.  Lost count how many times l have sat through Moana with her when visiting the family in Melbourne.

"B" is just adorable.

Sneak peek at what l am making for the grand babies for Halloween.  Any time is a good time to have fun.

We have had a few change overs in the street with the older folks moving on to retirement villages and the younger families moving in so l need to be ready.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Have spent the weekend looking through boxes sorting and putting together sons school pictures, school reports with everything from kindergarten drawings to scarp books with their birthday cards from first birthday until approximately their tenth. 
So they can take with them on their life's journey, knowing how much we enjoyed sharing their beginnings. Look forward to their continued growth as young men and starting their own families and careers.
As we all know, life is short and must be enjoyed. The past is only the foundation to the rest of your life and the people we meet along the way and the experiences we have can only help to form us into who we become.  Sharing caring and loving my family.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Calendar Project SNC

Firstly cut out Numbers then paste in mounts.
 Then cut out Months and paste in mounts. Changing colour of mounts as you please.
 You guested it cut out days of the week and paste in mounts.
One extremely easy project. Bit tacky with all the glue but not to messy.
Purchased board from Bunnings and found easel at craft store on our travels. Now to sort through Hubby's shed for small bulldog clips. (Without getting caught). LOL.
Good find hopefully they are not missed too soon.
Now all l need to do is source out an eraser, to remove my guide lines.

This little beauty will sit in Sean's study to remind him and me, how long until he heads back over to the USA.  As he is thinking of moving to Texas for work. 

Somewhere else for me to visit.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Friendly Visitors.

 As you can clearly see we had a few friendly visitors this morning.
Normally they wouldn't get the opportunity to land as  Roxy sons no.4 dog would stalk and chase them for sport.
But now that she has moved out with son no 4 the yard is once again free to roam.
This is an update on garden in repair now it is a dog free zone.  Well at least for now until we need to dog sit. LOL.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Birthday Card

 Today l decided to make a couple of Lego Birthday Cards.

 One for my Grandson who will be 8, the other my Great Nephew who will be 1.  Both to celebrate their birthdays in July.

Cut the card stock so l could get the most out of my material. Made them portrait so they stand and display full face.

Used the Bother SNC and different coloured card for impact.
 Double mounted .

So happy with how they turned out. Another quick project.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Playtime On SNC.

Just had a quick play with my Scan n cut. (SNC)
Cutting out a few sentiments for my growing card collection. 
Hubby is going to keep the cut out to place in an old frame to decorate the sewing room. LOL.

Continue Envelope Album

 Today l decided to continue with my Envelope album.
Added pockets & embellishments.
Have taken over kitchen table as it has been too cold to go out through the garden to my sewing room.
Pages 1 & 2 added pocket, gift tags and photo mount.
 Pages 3 & 4 added slide pocket & photo mount also flaps to reveal another smaller pocket with 3 gift tags. Very eventful afternoon.
 UPDATE: More of the pages that make this album complete.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Envelope Album.

 Made my first envelope/card album. Firstly l made the envelopes and cards out of card stock.
Then erected the album and decorated the pages with paper.
l have been trying to use up over a number of projects.
 Very happy with the outcome, now to decorate the pages and add tags and photo mats.
The pages and envelopes measure 7 x 5 inches.
The envelopes are turned into pockets for extra bits and bobs.
My Youngest Son Hayden has finally turned 21. We all celebrated last night with a family dinner.  He will continue to celebrate with Friends on the weekend.  "PARTY TIME"

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Touch Of Gardening

Woke this morning to a beautiful day although a tad cool for this time of the year. But it is winter.

So we spent most of the day weeding and putting in two new garden beds.  Hopefully to enjoy a sea of colour come next year.
If we can keep the dogs from digging holes everywhere. They are very active and need plenty of walking.

 Added two of five Camilla's to the garden. Waiting on a delivery from Melbourne for the others, should arrive sometime next week. 
 Have gone mad on Azaleas this year again as they seem to be the only plants that enjoys the climate and give us a great show of colour each year. Propagating more for next year.

The field Carnations also grow well.  With all these extra flowers and extra garden beds should improve the chances to attract the bees. 

My son wishes to add a bee hive. He may have to ask council about that one.

Monday, June 11, 2018

One Card Wonder Challenge

This morning l took up the one card wonder challenge.

Making 14 cards out of one sheet of printed paper.  Plus 14 card bases & matting.
I double matted as l wanted a bit of sparkle. 
After putting all the cutting instructions into scan'n'cut then it was just a matter of  gluing and  assembling cards.

Embellishments will come latter with sentiments.  When l know who and what occasion.  Now l have a template in the scan'n'cut next time will be so much quicker.  Enjoy the rest of your week.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Squash Albums

 Got to work on a couple of Squash albums last night. Two large and a smaller one.
All came together quickly great gift ideas for friends and family to make that special brag album of the grandchildren.
Great way to use up the paper stash which l am quickly obtaining.

More projects to  come. But first l have to get through this months Birthdays. Very busy month for us including 21st for youngest.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Garden Project No.3

 In the beginning l wanted to add something to the garden so it was more playful.

Now it is one project after another, to be completed as we have decided to stay put in this house. Now to make it our home.
Sean (son no. 2)  is putting in the hard yards and has started to dig the holes to the right depth. For the Posts.
 Then it was on to the painting, 4 coats in total.  Because l change my mind on the colour midway. Waiting for the paint to dry was the easy part.
Today is the day that it will all come together.

First the posts were placed into the holes that were so expertly dug.  Went in perfectly.

 Then after many minutes of lining everything up straight and plum. The first beams were attached, before you new it all four were up and level.

 Went together like clockwork l think it looks great.

 So very happy to have such a wonderful family who want to see their mum/wife happy.

Now to put the extra stones, plants and garden furniture in place after a trip to the nursery. Will enjoy this space for years to come.Going to plant Wisteria over the arbor should look amazing. Adding one of my wind chimes and hanging baskets which l have ready and planted.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Card Making Mondays

Today l decided to make a card for my Grandchild Trey.
Have been experimenting with my Scan n cut.
Think it turned out well.

Will try to make a card at least once a month.  Now on to vinyl transfers.  Having so much fun.

Still quilting and trying to finish off all my UFO's.

Thinking about bringing my sewing room back into the house at least for the colder months,  more convenience.

Making progress in the garden also will show you when project is complete.