Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Patches Of Blue QAL 2018. Block 1.

Block 1. Of the Patches of Blue QAL for 2018 with Edyta Sitar.
 As l was going away at the beginning of the year decided to play catch up.

Has been a little difficult trying to work out what to cut and what not to cut. To make a single block but have now got the hang of it.  For the first block l needed to make up a sample block to see if l had the cutting measurements correct.

Now on to Block 2 &3. Learning how to use new tools along the way, some l will purchase others well just say l wouldn't use them a second time therefore not going to waste the money on goods and postage. Watch this space.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mozaic Dream Catcher

Purchased this little beauty at the recent craft show in Toowoomba.
Thought l would try something a little bit different.
It was fun to do. 
Takes a bit of patience and good lighting but well worth it.
Now to frame this masterpiece.
Already working on another beaded project idea.
It will be considerably larger, a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. Or was also thinking of a jigsaw puzzle wedding photo.
But will make a beaded picture of the Grandchildren.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

South Island New Zealand Trip.

Well l am back from our recent trip to New Zealand. Hubby and l went over for a wedding and stayed to travel around for a further 2 weeks.  Hired a car and off we went.  Cyclone Gita did not affect our adventure except for the occasional road works to remove slides. Will not bore you with endless photo's. Met up with interesting people along the way.  The map below shows were we basically went.  Looking forward to starting a number of projects once l settle back in.
May have to return to Melbourne to help Mum as Dad is having memory issues and declining.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sean's Black & White Quilt

Sean son no. 2 was watching Man Sewing on youtube with me a month or so ago and saw a quilt he thought he would like.
First step was to purchase fabric on line. Check.
Second step a few days after fabric arrived was to place fabric together. Some weeks later was to sew half square triangles the Jenny Doan way. Which took sometime to accomplish 4 x 42 =168 squares to chain peace.  Check.
Press. Cut.  Press to the dark side. 168 x 4 = 672 half square triangles later. Rest a week or two. Check.
Sort out a few blocks in different fabric patterns making sure not to have same two patterns touching. Check.

 Black and white stripe blocks need 16 blocks in total. Sorting and placement very time consuming, making sure that two of the same black fabrics never sat together.

Have 16 Star blocks also to complete.

Below Diamond block adjusting seams so they would sit together nicely when sewn was a bit of a pain. only 4 blocks in total.

Finished quilt top.  Called stars, stripes and diamonds.  Sean is very pleased with his new soon to be lap quilt.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Fabric For The QAL

Planning on doing the Edyta Sitar QAL quilt, love her new book patches of blue.
Made my purchases and reeving to go. Have many projects already on the go whats one more. HaHaHa!
Was going to be my year to concentrate on  finishing a few UFO's but looks like l am going to add to the list.   Not actually going to start until l return from our New Zealand trip.  Looking forward to touring the South Island  for 3 weeks and my brothers wedding.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Postman Delivered Latest Order.

Just love it when the Postman knocks. Spent the first few hours patting and playing then cutting out fabric.  Flicking through the books and reading the patterns.

One of my favorite designers,  Edyta Sitars.  Her work is just so fresh. Can not fault her fabrics or colour choices in her quilts.

Looking forward to working with more blue and white
fabric this year hoping to also reduce my stash and all
the scrap fabric which has accumulated over the past 8 years. 

Have turned the fabric corner and going for a more
traditional fresh look of whites and blues for myself.
Whilst keeping the colours for the grandchildern's
quilts and projects.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Down in the Melon patch.

 As you may already know Hayden, (Son No. 4) is really into horticulture.  Every free spot in my garden is taken up with veggies, fruit and seedlings.  He even has been known to take out some of my garden beds and replant his own.

These beautiful watermelons are coming along nicely and his cantaloupe did extremely well. Pity we didn't beat the dog to them. Roxy played ball with them before we could pick them. Roxy has already started to source out the watermelons.
 The Continental parsley is not Roxy's cup of tea, this is allowed to flourish.

So now that my garden has been taken over in the short.  l have been driven up the wall, for my need for colourful flowers. lol.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Another Year Over A New One Begins.

This year will be filled with even more travel. Love our cruising. Maybe even a quilt cruise.

 A few changes have taken place in preparation for our 2018 life style.  First thing to go was facebook spending way too much time there, not enough time being creative.  
Neglecting  the garden, fabrics, cooking etc.  Going back to a simpler time of family, friends and getting out and about.
Now that hubby is on the mend after nearly two years of  health issues, he has a clean bill of health.

First stop is New Zealand again for my brothers Wedding.  That's right brother no 2 is getting married and going to live in NZ. Such a beautiful place to live.

Grandchildren live in Melbourne and l go down to visit  every chance l get.

Mother and Father are planning on moving out of Melbourne, they say it has become to busy for them now, when they first moved to the family home it was an orchard.  Now that all their children and grandchildren have moved the are ready themselves.  Too much crime and way too  many youths wondering the streets at night making them feel unsafe. The traffic is moving to fast, so they are thinking of handing in their licences.

Looks like everyone is shuffling around in 2018.

                                    Hope You All Have A Happy And Safe New Year. 2018.

Friday, November 17, 2017

New Cushions

Three new cushions made this morning for our bedroom as l wanted a beach feel to our room. Cushion leaflet and fabric are at spotlight.  Now to paint the feature wall a moody cool grey.

New Birdhouse.

Latest birdhouse made for our garden. Trying to encourage birds to return to our yard. Thinking it could use a rocking chair on the porch. Maybe some solar powered Christmas lights. This one will be in the rear yard.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oooha lala Megan's French Bag.

Megan is going on a trip of a life time to Europe in January 2018. Megan is Lachlan's girlfriend.(Son No.3)

l was making a number of bags for the girlfriends, but life got in the way and Megan's was put on the back burner until now.
 Finally started making one similar to the one l made for Elise.  A few posts back. As l know Megan liked, she always comments on it when she sees it.

This one matches the travel journal we will give her for Christmas.
Once again used hardware to glam up bag. Added external pockets with trim.  As well as internal pockets with zips.
Bag hardware to give shape and to keep bag open when in use.

Hopefully making it easier to find what every it is that you are looking for.

That peskie phone ringing when you least expect, hiding at the bottom of your bag.

Love the shape and style of this bag. just the right size for many occasions.

Megan is going to love this bag l am very sure. Her travel journal fits perfectly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ladybug Costume for Bianca

 My beautiful granddaughter "B" is at that cute stage were she is dressing herself in the mornings not always successfully.  She loves to dress up in her dads t- shirts and mums heels and hand bag.    So l thought l would make some dress ups for her.  After a conversation with her mother came up with some of her favorite TV and Movie characters.

Haven't worked out how to make a Kung Fu Panda costume as yet.  Might have to be a oneys. 

After purchasing all that was needed for the Ladybug costume, l came across the Nemo one in spotlight the cost was the same.  So bought one and made one.   I am sure she will have many hours of fun.

Saw two little girls at the shops dressed up as the frozen princess out with Nan.
Was easier to buy a red t-shirt which happens to have a lady bug embroidered on front.  Made a head band for the feelers.
Mum will have to make wings as to bulky to send through post.

Project Three Hexi Bear

 Third project completed from my self made challenge, to use the same fabric for as many projects as possible.

After cutting out 3 inch hexagons from each of the fabrics, then sewing them back together to form one large piece of fabric, only then to cut out the bear pattern front.

Sewed the bear together and stuffed it firmly.  All three plus projects will be given away to one recipient in time.  Still might have enough fabric for one or two more small projects.
Will have to watch this space.