Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bag & Bed Reading Cushion.

 Purchased this fabric on line as the younger girls in the family wanted a Paris inspired theme, to there bags and bedrooms.  Came across this very bright and lovely fabric on line. 1 yard has  made a Duffel style bag for overnight stays or for there carry on luggage for a trip.
Bottom of the bag called for feet to help keep  bag off the floor.
 Bag pattern was free on you tube and had no internal pockets so with the last pieces of fabric made two large side pockets.

 If l was to do this bag again would have placed them on the outside, then placed smaller ones inside.
Added zip pockets to my pockets, giving even more places to hide bits and bobs.  

Now have matching Bed Cushion for reading in bed or watching TV.  With very stylish Duffel bag.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bag For Bianca.

Whilst sewing bags the other day, l saw a large scrap of fabric sitting in my stash and decide to continue on making yet another bag. This time a smaller version of the one l made for Elise.  Not really knowing who the recipient was going to be.
Have now decided to give this to my granddaughter Bianca. On our trip to Melbourne in the next few days.

A Baby On The Way.

 My Gorgeous Niece and Hubby are expecting their first child.

Have been busy making a few things to add to their nursery.   It is such a great pleasure to do this in celebration for the safe arrival of the newest edition to the family.

Of course within the theme of the mother to be strict guidelines.

One nappy stacker as ordered with matching receiving blanket plus a few extras bibs, storage bin, burp cloths, hooded towel and bath washer toy.

Now ready for packaging and sending off on there journey. Teddy bear to follow once baby has arrived.  So l can embroider details on back.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Paris Bag For Elise.

Putting together a bag for my fourth son's girl friend Elise.

Adding my own personal details and touches.

Such as handles, pocket trim, internal pocket sizes, as original pockets too small.
Very time consuming working out measurements that would work.

Cutting each main fabric piece, lining and stiffening as well as interfacing for every piece, pressing,  trimming plus setting out and remeasuring. Top stitching and of course adding zips.
Coming together very nicely.   Bit bulking with the foam interfacing but manageable.
Think these extra details make the bag look less home made. Added extra hard wear to give bag shape.
 This would be the bag without hard wear and is still a nice bag, but the younger crowd like anything home made to look more shop bought.
 The hard wear also assists when bag is open to sort through your many and varied items kept
within.  Beautiful new bag ready for Elise.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Abbey's Gift Bags.

 Made a couple of gift bags for my granddaughter Abbey for her 11th Birthday.

To use on school camps a set that is one of a kind.  To keep all of her nic nacs.

Gave them to her last week and she absolutely loves them, already deciding what to put in them. One has nail polish another has make up.

She is one of a kind always appreciates hand made items.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trip To South America.

As some of you already know my husband and l took an amazing once of a life cruise around South America recently. 46 days of total relaxation, meeting some very interesting people both on and off the ship.

 Places we visit were wide and varied:   Arrived  Buenos Aires airport after a very long 17 flight via New Zealand.

Itinerary:  Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Fortaleza in Brazil. Barbados, Curacao,  Cartagena, Colombia.  Panama Canal, Puntarenas, Costa Rica,  Manta, Ecuador. Lima, Peru.

Then to Papeete, Tahiti across the date line Auckland,Bay of Island, New Zealand.  Landing back in Sydney, Australia, then home.

Took so many pictures to many to bore you all with. Still sorting and resizing for my albums including memorabilia.

Will possible take me a year still catching up on previous trips.

Looking forward to Alaska/Canada/Japan.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Skate Board Scrap Lap Quilt

 Simply putting together a Scrap lap quilt to go with the Super Hero quilt made for my grandson, now his family have moved back to Melbourne for work.
Using up left over fabric and ideas.  Trying to better organize sewing room and over supply of fabric.