Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sean's Black & White Quilt

Sean son no. 2 was watching Man Sewing on youtube with me a month or so ago and saw a quilt he thought he would like.
First step was to purchase fabric on line. Check.
Second step a few days after fabric arrived was to place fabric together. Some weeks later was to sew half square triangles the Jenny Doan way. Which took sometime to accomplish 4 x 42 =168 squares to chain peace.  Check.
Press. Cut.  Press to the dark side. 168 x 4 = 672 half square triangles later. Rest a week or two. Check.
Sort out a few blocks in different fabric patterns making sure not to have same two patterns touching. Check.

 Black and white stripe blocks need 16 blocks in total. Sorting and placement very time consuming, making sure that two of the same black fabrics never sat together.

Have 16 Star blocks also to complete.

Below Diamond block adjusting seams so they would sit together nicely when sewn was a bit of a pain. only 4 blocks in total.

Finished quilt top.  Called stars, stripes and diamonds.  Sean is very pleased with his new soon to be lap quilt.

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