Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small Chrissy Wall Hangings.

Have been busy sewing with all  this rain we are experiencing here in Woomba Woomba.  I know it is the wet season, but a little sun is not too much to ask for.   Decide to make theses three little wall hangings today, have completed two.  Will make many  more as the year progresses.  Need to find the little coat hangers to accompany them.   I might be in luck at the Quilter Angel in Highfields.   Have been working on a secret little project for my Mother For Christmas will read all  about it latter.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Pudding Wall Hanging

This is a Christmas pudding walling hanging.  It measures 11"x16".  The pattern is from Cinderberry Stitches by Natalie Lymer.  I enlarged the pattern 50%  at office works, added two borders and stitched in the ditch. Looks great l think.   I may try and search out some buttons to really top this off.

The original pattern is for a note card & envelope which l have also made. Have enjoyed using this pattern.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Concrete Slab

Concrete slab going down for the grand shed (Man Cave).  It will be fully insulated and powered.  So I do not expect to see Hubby and Sons to often messing up my floor.    Has taken way too long in the making but l have been told you don't rush these things.  

Hexagons on a Friday night.

In the beginning there was one.......then there were (18) eighteen, to make a hexagon bag.  This is what l did this Friday night.  Took these hexagon's away with me on our road trip to Cairns and back with out a needle being threaded.  Too busy through the day and bad light at night.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick update:

My bags where a great success.... everyone who received one for Christmas was very thrilled, which was a relief as you are all well aware. You never know how homemade items will come across.  This year l am happy little sewer.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Road Trip Far North Queensland

 Without boring you all too much the family and l went on a road trip of to North Queensland, thought we would drive and take in the sights of Queensland that the Boys had never seen. As you were aware the Boys were excited about going snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday's  son No.4 stayed in the water for the whole time we were out on the reef.  Now he is considering a career path change. He didn't know that you could be paid to stay out on the reef pontoon.
 They also got to swim at Yeppoon beach without stinger nets the water was still a tad cool, always swimming between flags. Miss the beach now we live in Toowoomba.

Went to the Cairns Tropical Zoo on a cooler day and had a great day out.  Stayed with family at Trinity Beach, swam in their pool most days, went sight seeing and visited other family members who have move to Cairns, Atherton. Great Christmas Day and New Years Eve.  Next year we have decided Christmas will be in Toowoomba.
This beautiful Cassowary was in the Cairns Tropical Zoo which we were lucky enough to hand feed under the watchful eye of her carer.  We of course gave her a name,  what else but Cassie. We were also extremely lucky to see a Cassowary in the wild whilst driving though Mission Beach. Could not manage to get a photo as there was traffic behind us at the time, did not want to scare the bird.

A Croc named Zac entertained us at the Zoo also.  He was slightly sluggish as the sun was in and he needed to wake up.  But a smaller Croc in the enclosure and the one next door,  had no trouble trying to hunt down the staff who were on the other side of the fence.  They indeed had their hands fuller than they themselves expected.

We also went up to Kuranda on the Tablelands, the Kuranda Market and Sky rail and Barron Falls.The town of Atherton, Malanda, Yungaburra Millaa Millaa.
Found our own Red Dog who was content in following people along the Barron River walking trails. We watched him came and go for about an hour. But he did have a collar on so he belonged to someone.

Most importantly of all is we all had a GREAT TIME.