Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shed is going up!!!

Couldn't wait to tell you all the shed is going up!

That"s right the guys were suppose to arrive at 7:00am this morning but eventually arrive at 9:00am.  After about 2 hours of working out the puzzle of bits they started erecting the shed.

We have a frame and glass door to my sewing area so far.

They will continue tomorrow to put the walls up and the insulation in.    By tomorrow night the shed will be complete.....so excited.  Then we have to wait to connect the electricity, pluming for the tanks etc.

So so very excited that we are finial getting closer to moving all the extra boxes of stuff out of the house. After living here for 15 months.

 Yeah for us.

 Then l can start buying furniture to make my sewing area workable.  A visit to the local second hand store for bookcases and draws etc.
It has been along journey getting this far as the shed was suppose to be completed back in November.  But with weather and availability of workers than of course Christmas Hols, well you know how it goes.


  1. You'll certainly be pleased once the shed it finished. Looking forward to seeing your new sewing area!