Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hippy Van 21st Gift.

 It has been a while since l first started this project (2 years).   Lachie is a Hippy at heart mad on anything to do with Kombi's especial 1960's split screen.  
Was planing a landscape quilt but began to overthink how l was going to accomplish this task.
So instead decided to make a pillow/cushion cover for his bed and come up with another quilt, in time.
Maybe a New York Beauty, as that quilt reminds me of tie-dye.
Has finally been quilted by the very talented  Bev Mc Clune.  Has added depth, cushioning and interest.    Pillows can easily be remove for washing.  Used a body pillow from k-mart.

Only 5 month late, not bad.

I am sure he is going to love it as he did have some input.
He will take ownership on Friday when he returns from Sydney.

Now for son No.4's quilt only 2 years.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Caravan Trip To Cairns.

 Try to keep this to the short version. Left Toowoomba with caravan, traveled west towards St George, Cunnamulla, then took a turn north and headed to Charlieville, Blackall, Barcaldine. Staying only a coupe of night here and there as we had to connect with Cruise ship in Cairns.  Spent a few days in Longreach, so much more to see here.
 Continued northwest to Winton then north again up to Hughenden. East ward to Charter Towers then on to Townsville.
 Spent a few extra days here due to van repairs and then north to cairns to meet up with cruise ship.

Then returned to Toowoomba along the coast road as far as Bundaberg then south west to   GinGin, and eventually home again. Taking a total of 35 days.
Next caravan trip maybe down the Kidman Way and on to Melbourne to visit with family. As parents are getting on in years and are displaying health issues.

Cruise to Papua New Guinea.

 Was an absolute dream to visit such an unspoiled part of the world, aboard the Pacific Eden which departed on the 15th October 2016. Where we spent 2 days at sea before landing in Alotau.
 We were extremely humbled to visit where so many Australian and American had stood their ground with the locals to help and hold of the Japanese forces. We witnessed many different tribal dances held for the cruise ships.
 My favorite island was Kitava Island such friendly people willing to share their story of day to day life on the island. Always smiling and l cannot remember how many countless greetings of hello welcome.
There lives revolve around water  as they live on small islands which only take an hour to walk from on side to the other. 4 schools over 200 students, on the island and no high schools. They have to leave the island on a 25 minute boat ride where they will live until they finish their education.
 We traveled to Kiriwina Island next where the people are just as friendly and village life is just as basic.  All money is shared within the village by the chief.   All laws are obeyed or you will be sent packing.
If not for this stand of Australian, American, and locals we all could be speaking Japanese.

The ship also managed to get into conflict island which is an island made up as a resort, where no one lives. It sole purpose at the moment is to bring in the cruise ships. It is owned by an Englishman who also owns 21 other islands.