Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nan's Been Busy Again.

Busy, busy, busy, Nan's work never done.

Not only are we organizing a 21st lunch for tomorrow.
DH making the Birthday Cake as he has done every year on the children's Birthday. Lachlan has requested an Astronaut cake. Which has got DH stumped but he hasn't giving up.
This year is a special one for son No:3.  Lachlan turned 21 last Tuesday and we headed of to Brisbane to celebrate with him. He is coming up on the weekend so the rest of the family can celebrate one of life's milestones with him.

Grandson Lochlan is turning 6 this year and is growing so fast. Asked for a new onesie so off to K Mart l went found this great Astronaut one. Made up these two pillow cases to keep with the space theme he is having for his birthday party.
Fabric is at Spotlight and running out fast.  Must be the theme for this year.

Also looking for a panel with one large Astronaut floating in space if anyone knows where l can get one????

Well back to work.

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