Thursday, July 23, 2015

Busy In The Garden

My garden has not had so much attention, all within a week.

My brother was passing through on holiday and decided to help out with digging out a garden bed which my children had started then abandoned. (Girls friends) lol.

 l am truly grateful for all his help.

Hubby decided to give the garden more shape and l have been organizing which plants are going to be needed to fill this area of approx 35 meters. Plus the extra garden bed of 5x3 meters.
This will give our yard much needed privacy and colour.
Will be so much nicer than looking at the street and all the people that walk past each day. So happy.

Up Date:  The garden is coming alive with plants and colour. Love the beginning of Spring but this year it has already given us a taste of summer.  We will need rain if the garden is to survive. When fully established will be beautiful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Managed to put together a label for Sean's quilt which l have already sent off to Melbourne. Lucky for him as the weather has been icy.
Sean has mentioned how colorful the quilt is and it has lifted his spirits.
Will attach label to  the quilt on our visit in September.
Also managed to get in a bit of hand sewing, sorry that the photograph is a tad dark.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Nan's Brag Photo's

 Just had to brag about my beautiful grand daughter. She is growing up so quickly it is hard to believe she is 4 months old and starting to eat solids.
 We got to baby sit with her today whilst Mum went Christmas gift shopping.

Bianca is such a good girl for her Nan and Pa.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Break

 Seventy mile beach is the main hwy for four wheel drive vehicles on the island. Light planes also share this space. You can not swim here as there are no life guards and you are on the ocean with its many rips.
 But you can swim in the many fresh water lakes and creeks. This is the beautiful lake McKenzie, crystal clear water. There are only turtles and small purple spotted fish  in the water which are harmless. The sand is white and so soft beneath your feet.
 The ship wreck "Maheno" on Fraser Island. It landed on Fraser Island back in 1935.  It was being towed back to Japan when it was hit by an unseasonal cyclone which bought it to it's finial resting place and has been there for the past 80 years.  

Stag ferns and elk ferns of massive proportions, found on the island which are not native to the Island. Central station was a logging camp where they cut down trees for boat building and pier construction among other things.

This is the second time l have been here in my life and each time l learn something new.

Carpet Bag.

Another finish ... finally purchased the wooden handles to complete this great bag.  Have been searching for months to find the right ones. When l was away l came across these ones in Hervey Bay Quilt shop. (Dew Drop Inn) Has a large range of fabrics and embroidery threads etc.

I had a list of 8 other shops to visit but alas was not meant to be as most have closed down or moved on else where.  Hey just realized this is my 400 post. WOW.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Guess Where I Have Been.

 Guess where l have been this week. Thats right l went to Hervey Bay and whilst l was there at the information center. They ask were we there to visit the house. We asked "what house".  But my lovely hubby had already googled the address and it was a great surprise.
They have done a wonderful job on creating a beautifully restore Queenslander.   Some very lucky person will of course have a great life here.