Monday, March 30, 2015

My Pink PJ's

My Pink PJ's to match my Granddaughters burp cloths. lol.

Was in urgent need of some new PJ's will buy myself a tee shirt and applique a little birdie on front.

They are made of flannel and long in length, great for the cooler nights we have been experiencing of late.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

WIP! Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek at work in progress on Sean's 21st Quilt.

Quilt first seen on Missouri star quilt company you tube tutorial.

Sean like that it was modern in design and had a three "D" effect. Has been time consuming even though it looks and is simple in design. Loads of cutting small 11/2 inch squares and strips.  But is coming together and will be another stunning quilt full of color and movement.
Hoping to be ready to hand over in May this year nearly 6 months late. But in my defense he only pick it out in February this year before leaving for Melbourne.  Will try to get it to him before he spends to many cold nights without it.   Think the colors alone will cheer him up.
Top completed ready to send off for quilting.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bianca's New Blanket Set.

 As l have not completed the Quilt l intended to give to Bianca upon her arrival, because l thought l had another week...but was also running a little overdue.

I quickly went into my sewing room and whipped up these whilst waiting for visiting hours to roll around.

One Bunny Rug...One Burp Cloth.
Then this morning l put together matching pillow and pillow cover.
 Have a little bit of left over fabric still to make a crab toy cube...with bells inside.

 Amazing what you can make with a metre of fabric and some lace.

Carmen has already said she would appreciate more burp cloths. lol.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Am A Nanna.

We welcomed Bianca Ebony Lee Clayton into the world this morning at 6.45am. Both Mum and Dad are doing just fine.

Our gorgeous little granddaughter was due to be delivered by caesarean section on the 23rd of  March but, she had other plans for her parents.

My son Bryce had just returned from a 7 week work trip to Melbourne, and was home for a total of 3 hours before her arrival.

Isn't she just the bees knees.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Baby! Burp Cloths.

Adding to my Nanny draw of everything baby. Found this pattern at www.You Can Make OH, Baby!
Had some time last night to put together a couple using up my flannel scraps. Going to make some more this arvo after a trip to spotlight for some ric rac. etc.  Having fun in the sun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mother Duck

I chose a larger dot fabric for my mother duck not really sure why. Maybe just to be different.  Wanted her to stand out amongst her little ducklings. Which of course l haven't started yet.   Thought they would look cheerful in my soon to be Grandchild's room.

But Mum has just informed me that her theme for the new arrival is Bunny's.  With only days away l will not have any cute little bunny's made.

So my ducks will probably turn into UFO's for a while.  lol.

Alpha Bear Quilt.

 Made this little Alpha Bear quilt some time back and become a UFO for many years. All due to the fact that l had put an extra sashing between blocks and was not happy with the look.
I am a lot happier now with the end results.
This quilt is going to a very special little boy called Gerrald who turned one in January. So l am a bit behind the delivery date but l am sure that is not going to be a problem.
Wanted to show you the quilting up close. The very talented Bev Mc Clune has once again come up  trumps. Loving her work.
Put the binding on the quilt on Friday night with friends.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hugs and Kisses

 Have made a second set of X's and O's for Rachel, including this very pink love sign. As my dear son needs help to decorated next year for Valentines Day. They had a very expensive month with moving and settling in to their new home, that he total forgot about Valentines Day which is a big thing for young girls.

 Used Acrylic Non Toxic Craft paint, Mod Podge  with Butterfly craft paper.   Looks sweet.
The initials are made from craft board heavier than the ones used below which are made from cardboard.

Think l prefer the cardboard one as the glue seems to hold better and drys quicker. But loving the pink in the house.