Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sewing Mojo

Seeing stripes...the return of my sewing Mojo. Have been a bit off the old sewing when my machine went in for a service, just couldn't get started on anything to do with fabric.  With an up and coming Birthday for a certain little 5 year old, and the 40 per cent off sale at Spotlight things started to stir in the old sewing room. Looking through a few books that have recently been purchased, came across the perfect project. Chose one from the Art -To- Heart, Table Please (Part One). "Make A Wish Table Runner". So with pattern and fabric sorted was go go go. Is only part way complete but will have it all done by next Wednesday for the big event.

This is the finished product of yet another afternoons sewing. Very cold up here at the  moment. Love the backing fabric picked it up at spotlight very appropriate. Will decorate birthday tables for years to come.

Table runner measures 16.5 inches x 38.5 inches.


  1. Your table runner looks great, Maddy.

  2. Maddy, the table runner is adorable. would love the pattern. Where do you live for it to be so cold this time of year?

  3. Live in Toowoomba. Second coldest place in Queensland.