Thursday, June 11, 2015

Murphy's Law.

Well you know Murphy's law...if something is going to go wrong it happens big time.  

First the good news, have sent Sean's illusions quilt off to Melbourne to help him stay warm on those ohh so cold nights.  
The not so good news is it went without label, for now. 

1. Sewing machine has gone off for service and repairs.
2. Computer troubles.
3. Non sewing matter car in for repair after driving along hwy and running over a crowbar. Doing major damage to the underside of my beloved Mazda. Bursting Tyre and rear axle damage. The scary part was  having to change Tyre whilst cars and trucks whizzed past.  80 km zone l am certain the were travelling a lot faster at 7 am. The rush to get to work.

This is what happens when Tradies don't tie down their load or tools in their trucks. 

Lucky l had Lachlan and Andrew with me.

Now we are down to one car as we just sold off  two on Gumtree last month.  Might have to upgrade to Mazda 6.

Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly.

Keep Safe Out There.


  1. good that you are safe even though the car is messed up..... good time to up grade the car!!!

  2. glad you'll are safe that's the main thing

  3. The main thing is no-one was hurt, Maddy. You can always repair the car.

  4. The saying goes things happen in 3's so hope all goes well for you. A similar thing happened to me recently, I ran over a jockey wheel that had fallen off but only got a dent in the panel under the door which could be knocked back in. It gave me an awful fright.