Thursday, March 26, 2015

WIP! Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek at work in progress on Sean's 21st Quilt.

Quilt first seen on Missouri star quilt company you tube tutorial.

Sean like that it was modern in design and had a three "D" effect. Has been time consuming even though it looks and is simple in design. Loads of cutting small 11/2 inch squares and strips.  But is coming together and will be another stunning quilt full of color and movement.
Hoping to be ready to hand over in May this year nearly 6 months late. But in my defense he only pick it out in February this year before leaving for Melbourne.  Will try to get it to him before he spends to many cold nights without it.   Think the colors alone will cheer him up.
Top completed ready to send off for quilting.


  1. Hi Maddy wow this is looking fantastic and yes these nights sure are getting colder xx

  2. That looks very nice and colourful. The pattern is very effective although I can see it could take some time to put together.

  3. Looks lovely. Inspiring me to start one.