Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hugs and Kisses

 Have made a second set of X's and O's for Rachel, including this very pink love sign. As my dear son needs help to decorated next year for Valentines Day. They had a very expensive month with moving and settling in to their new home, that he total forgot about Valentines Day which is a big thing for young girls.

 Used Acrylic Non Toxic Craft paint, Mod Podge  with Butterfly craft paper.   Looks sweet.
The initials are made from craft board heavier than the ones used below which are made from cardboard.

Think l prefer the cardboard one as the glue seems to hold better and drys quicker. But loving the pink in the house.


  1. those have worked out so effective...

  2. Oooh!! Those turned out so pretty/cute! I really do like them.