Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jennifer and Craigs Wedding.

 Went to have a sticky at the wedding of Jennifer and Craig.

Jennifer is Rachel's older sister, Rachel is Sean's girlfriend of 4 years and Sean is my No. 2 son..
Jennifer and Craig have been dating as long as Sean and Rachel.

On Saturday the 24th of October 2015, they were married at Saint Andrews church in Pittsworth Queensland.
A small country town west of Brisbane.
Traditional wedding and the Bride of course looked stunning.

 Proud father of the bride Joe walked his daughter down the aisle.
 The four brides maids looked beautiful in there gowns. The color not really true in the pictures is
cadbury purple. Almost looking like velvet in texture.

The weather held off until all the guests were safely seated at the reception.
Very happy Bride and Groom emerged from church.

Have headed off to a secret honeymoon spot.

Super Hero Quilt & Cushion.

 Super hero quilt completely finished with signature block attached. Sorry no pic. Made an extra cushion to match with some of the left over fabrics embellished with some red ric rac.  Filled and ready for use. Has already slept under it  last week and loving it.

Have a small amount of scrap fabric still to make a back pack and wall quilt. Post them at a later date.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miss Muffet (Tuffet)

 Was a very busy weekend of sewing. On Saturday l was booked into a Tuffet Class at Precious Time in Toowoomba, Queensland.
Don't have any earlier photo's as we were kept very busy from the start. Meeting the other ladies who l was spending the next two days with.
After receiving our packs it was go. Pressing, sorting and  sewing, sewing, sewing. From 9am until 6.30pm. Went home a exhausted early to bed .
Sunday up early and back to it. Second day started at 9am and finished at  2pm.
It was a day of construction, staples, glue and fussing about button coverage.
A more relaxed day for all. Once completed had time to take in our achievements.  
 .Touching and feeling the tuffets and sighing over the varieties and combinations of colors and designs.
Love the way they all come together. Of course you get your usually over achievers adding piping around there buttons and adding piping to their tuffets.  
You got to love them.  Me l was glad to go home with a finished project.  yah!

So tried l am going down for a nan nap.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mini Retreat Just For Me.

 Thought l might give myself a mini retreat as the girls in Melbourne are all off having fun on the NOTYQ's retreat.

This quilt is for my grandson Lochlan. Because that's the perks of being a Nanna. He is a typical 5 year old and loves cars, super heroes, Lego etc. Spider man being the favorite
Thought this stack slash quilt would do the trick for a couple of years .l am hoping.  Think the blocks have come together nicely so far.  Am thinking about sashing each block to expand the size of the quilt top. Then work a little magic on the boarders.

Block measurement started at 20 inches and after all the cutting and sewing back together, they have been squared up to 16 inches. Still a decent size.

My mini retreat has now come to an end as the washing needs doing. Everyone is home from work and they all need showers.which calculates into fresh towels.
Some progress has been made on the superhero quilt. Blocks sashed in red and added a piano key boarder.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Busy In The Garden

My garden has not had so much attention, all within a week.

My brother was passing through on holiday and decided to help out with digging out a garden bed which my children had started then abandoned. (Girls friends) lol.

 l am truly grateful for all his help.

Hubby decided to give the garden more shape and l have been organizing which plants are going to be needed to fill this area of approx 35 meters. Plus the extra garden bed of 5x3 meters.
This will give our yard much needed privacy and colour.
Will be so much nicer than looking at the street and all the people that walk past each day. So happy.

Up Date:  The garden is coming alive with plants and colour. Love the beginning of Spring but this year it has already given us a taste of summer.  We will need rain if the garden is to survive. When fully established will be beautiful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Managed to put together a label for Sean's quilt which l have already sent off to Melbourne. Lucky for him as the weather has been icy.
Sean has mentioned how colorful the quilt is and it has lifted his spirits.
Will attach label to  the quilt on our visit in September.
Also managed to get in a bit of hand sewing, sorry that the photograph is a tad dark.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Nan's Brag Photo's

 Just had to brag about my beautiful grand daughter. She is growing up so quickly it is hard to believe she is 4 months old and starting to eat solids.
 We got to baby sit with her today whilst Mum went Christmas gift shopping.

Bianca is such a good girl for her Nan and Pa.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Break

 Seventy mile beach is the main hwy for four wheel drive vehicles on the island. Light planes also share this space. You can not swim here as there are no life guards and you are on the ocean with its many rips.
 But you can swim in the many fresh water lakes and creeks. This is the beautiful lake McKenzie, crystal clear water. There are only turtles and small purple spotted fish  in the water which are harmless. The sand is white and so soft beneath your feet.
 The ship wreck "Maheno" on Fraser Island. It landed on Fraser Island back in 1935.  It was being towed back to Japan when it was hit by an unseasonal cyclone which bought it to it's finial resting place and has been there for the past 80 years.  

Stag ferns and elk ferns of massive proportions, found on the island which are not native to the Island. Central station was a logging camp where they cut down trees for boat building and pier construction among other things.

This is the second time l have been here in my life and each time l learn something new.

Carpet Bag.

Another finish ... finally purchased the wooden handles to complete this great bag.  Have been searching for months to find the right ones. When l was away l came across these ones in Hervey Bay Quilt shop. (Dew Drop Inn) Has a large range of fabrics and embroidery threads etc.

I had a list of 8 other shops to visit but alas was not meant to be as most have closed down or moved on else where.  Hey just realized this is my 400 post. WOW.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Guess Where I Have Been.

 Guess where l have been this week. Thats right l went to Hervey Bay and whilst l was there at the information center. They ask were we there to visit the house. We asked "what house".  But my lovely hubby had already googled the address and it was a great surprise.
They have done a wonderful job on creating a beautifully restore Queenslander.   Some very lucky person will of course have a great life here.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sewing Mojo

Seeing stripes...the return of my sewing Mojo. Have been a bit off the old sewing when my machine went in for a service, just couldn't get started on anything to do with fabric.  With an up and coming Birthday for a certain little 5 year old, and the 40 per cent off sale at Spotlight things started to stir in the old sewing room. Looking through a few books that have recently been purchased, came across the perfect project. Chose one from the Art -To- Heart, Table Please (Part One). "Make A Wish Table Runner". So with pattern and fabric sorted was go go go. Is only part way complete but will have it all done by next Wednesday for the big event.

This is the finished product of yet another afternoons sewing. Very cold up here at the  moment. Love the backing fabric picked it up at spotlight very appropriate. Will decorate birthday tables for years to come.

Table runner measures 16.5 inches x 38.5 inches.

Inspired By House Rules

Was cruising Face Book recently and came across an old T.V. cabinet in need of resurrecting.

Thought l may shabby chic it or distress it, (that may still happen) but for now l have put curtains where the glass use to be and will add an extra shelf. Purchase some cane baskets and place them there..

On my recent trip to Spotlight l came across these chair covers which was my inspiration for the whole theme in the family room.

With the left over scraps made an extra cushion cover to match with existing ones.
 Cabinet fills in an empty space in the family room nicely. Great find and all for $30.00 and some help from Hubby. Gotta love that man...so supportive of all my whacky ideas.
Three lovely cushions to bring it all together. Still have a few scraps remaining may make some simple wall art.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Murphy's Law.

Well you know Murphy's law...if something is going to go wrong it happens big time.  

First the good news, have sent Sean's illusions quilt off to Melbourne to help him stay warm on those ohh so cold nights.  
The not so good news is it went without label, for now. 

1. Sewing machine has gone off for service and repairs.
2. Computer troubles.
3. Non sewing matter car in for repair after driving along hwy and running over a crowbar. Doing major damage to the underside of my beloved Mazda. Bursting Tyre and rear axle damage. The scary part was  having to change Tyre whilst cars and trucks whizzed past.  80 km zone l am certain the were travelling a lot faster at 7 am. The rush to get to work.

This is what happens when Tradies don't tie down their load or tools in their trucks. 

Lucky l had Lachlan and Andrew with me.

Now we are down to one car as we just sold off  two on Gumtree last month.  Might have to upgrade to Mazda 6.

Hope the rest of the year goes smoothly.

Keep Safe Out There.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day Cont...

 Mother's Day Continues...after a very nice day with family and receiving several bunches of beautiful flowers and baby sitting my grandchildren, today l received even more gifts.  Three Art-To-Heart Books.  I happen to mention these craft books on FB. and my son's girl friend jumped at the chance to purchase them for me. Such a sweet thing to do. Have found more on the net today...will look into buying more. Will be a great way to use up all those extra scraps.