Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local Talent:

 All in Fun!   Have been out visiting our fellow blogger the very talented Kris Meares (Tag along Teddies). Kris is very creative, full of fun and  mischief l am sure. As Kris lives near by l arranged to meet up with  her at a local haunt. (The Quilters Angel) in Highfields, a must visit shop if you are ever up this way.
I am sure Kris would tell you that the pleasure was all mine ... as it was. lol.
You all remember her beautiful Aaah Paris quilt which was featured in the very popular Homespun Magazine. Issue 107.  Vol.13.  No.4.  As l have previously posted.

 Am extremely happy with the way my quilt turned out ...the quilting is amazing Quilted by the very gifted Bev. McClune.
Only hope Rachel is as happy about the quilt as l am.
Making a cushion to match and possibly a pillow case with the left over backing fabric and patchwork extras.Now that time is no longer an issue.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Amazing Quilting:

Couldn't wait to share:
Had to show everyone the Amazing quilting that the very talented Bev. Mc Clune did on Rachel's 21st quilt. Simply stunning blew my mind when l picked up the quilt only minutes ago.
Cannot show quilt totally yet because l need to bind and add Signature block, then do a finial post.

The quilting has simply made the quilt come to life. All sewn on domestic sewing machine. Feathers, echoing and hearts such a romantic girly quilt just perfect for Rachel.

The back of the quilt is just as lovely as the front stunning. Simply stoked.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Receiving Blankets:

 Made these three beautiful Receiving Baby Blankets for family and friends.
Peter Rabbit and friends for Baby: Jayce Alexander Stephen White.
 Winnie the pooh for Baby: Gerard Peter Lawrence.
One in waiting. So quick and easy to make in an hour as seen on Missouri Star Quilting tutorial.

Grow Your Blog

My name is Madeline (Maddy).
Firstly l would like to say thank you to Vicki from 2 Bags Full for all the effort that must go into making an event like this possible.  Trying to help so many of us to expand and improve our blogs to increase our number of followers. There is a lot l do not know about blogging! So l am looking forward to learning more, meeting many of you.  
I am a mother of four males (boys) no longer boys as three are now adults and one still 16. Have a wonderful Husband who is always there standing behind me with every decision l make. "Literally standing behind me." lol.. He is a great support.
Become involved in blogging to become computer savvy, that didn't take off.
Enjoy my craft as it is my time out so to speak and l get to make many wonder things for family and friends, then post them on line for like minded people to hopefully enjoy.

 Here are just a few of the projects l have made and shared on my blog in the past.  Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, January 24, 2014


 We took some time out of our busy life for some much deserved R & R.

Booked two nights away on the coast only two hours drive from home.
We stayed on the Gold Coast at Surfers Paradise.    

Was not easy to organize a time to suit everyone so we just took off.
With the boys working different times and days and me wanting to spend some much needed time together as a family l booked two nights away then told everyone to fit in.    We just vegged out was great!

Arrived home today in time for son No. 4. (Hayden) to go to work tonight.
Son No.3. (Lachlan) to house sit his friends house for the night.

Looking forward to another weekend away soon.

How they grow up and their lives no longer fit into ours so easily.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Up Date: Rachel's 21st Quilt

Have been working hard on my version of Aaah Paris! trying to get this quilt ready only have until the 12th of Feb to get it quilted bound and signature block attached....wrapped and ready to go. Wimped out on the back being pieced as l am running out of time. Will place a rod pocket on back with left over fabric at a later date. Will post end results soon.
Have been kept busy with wedding arrangements ....four wheel driving, boating boys etc. How life can get in your way when you are on a mission.
UP DATE ON MY UP DATE: Rachel's quilt is of being quilted and hopefully it will be finished in time for me to bind and label it just in time.  Will need one of those sit and sew with friend nights me thinks. But for now off to the Gold Coast for two nights  R&R. Wouldn't you know it thunder storm has hit and muggy.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rachel's 21st Quilt.

This is all l have managed to accomplish over the last couple of weeks.
Inspired by Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies.
Aaah Paris! Quilt which was made for her mum and
featured in the Homespun Magazine. Issue 107. Vol 13. No 4.

 As Rachel and my son Sean are off to Europe on
 the 14th Jan.thought it would be nice of me to make
 Rachel a quilt to remember their trip plus be a nice 21st quilt. Still very much in the early stages but not a problem l have about 30 days to get it completed.
Trying to keep it a surprise so every time Rachel comes over it is a made rush to hide the pieces.

Love the checker board boarders and the Eiffel Tower fabric is printed with love letters and postcards in french. Found fabric at spotlight, how appropriate.  The corner squares will have hearts in them. I will be adding words to the front above the tower.  On the back l intend to use up the left over checker board fabric and add her name. Hopefully l will get another picture before l hand over the quilt.

I have to add a wedding quilt to my list of quilts for the year as my Son Bryce and Carmen his fiancee  are going to be walking down aisle. What an exciting year ahead.