Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sundresses For Little Angels.

 Another Sundress for the lovely Grace, my youngest niece.  She is going to look so pretty in pink.

The next dress is for the beautiful Miss Abbey my Granddaughter. Thought l would make her a patchwork sundress. Think it turned out really good, l also fully lined this dress.

Used up some of  my 3.5 inch scrap squares, always looking for ways to reduce my stock.  The best thing about making your own clothes is that they are one of a kind....some of the fabrics used in this dress are scraps from previous dresses made for her, wonder if she will notice.

Only two more dresses to make by the end of next week.


  1. The dresses look lovely and I think the patchwork one has come up really well. I wonder if you could use some of your scraps to make diagonal stripes for one of the dresses yet to come??

  2. What cute dresses. I love how you used the squares in the second dress.

  3. The dresses are lovely, Maddy. I bet you're enjoying making these girly things now.

  4. They are beautiful Maddy - so unique