Friday, November 7, 2014

Cruise New Zealand 2nd Port

 Arrived at Tauranga early morning and set out for Mount Maunganui, were told it would be a 10 min walk before the half a hour climb...well you would have to double anything you have been told. But off we went beautiful morning strolling along being passed by many early morning joggers.
Upon reaching the base of the mount we started our slow climb..stopping to take pictures and to have a drink.
 When we arrived at a fork in the path 20 mins stair climb OR 30 mins path climb more scenic route. We decided to take the scenic route. Some 50 mins later we arrived not quite at the top, and rested again constantly being  taunted by joggers. Who had passed us on there way up only to be returning back down.
 As we climbed the fog was slowly coming in making it harder to take good photos. When we finally arrive we could not get any pictures as the fog had settled in think and gloomy. We sat there waiting for it to lift for about 30 mins but did not.
 So off we set once again this time we descended the other side of the mount and manage to get a photo of the ship in port. Taking us only 40 mins to reach the base.
 Where we sat and sent emails home to the family. We had come across some crew members who told us where we could get free wifi signals.  Sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in we were again ready we thought to climb Hopukiore (Mt Drury) and visit Moturiki (Leisure Island) the blow hole.
It was then time to make our way back to the sea princess, again preparing to leave port for another night of entertainment and delicious food.
Tauranga  such a pretty place.
Our legs knees and everything hurt. LOL.

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  1. Hi Maddy what a pretty spot,Thankyou for sharing.xx