Friday, November 7, 2014

Cruise New Zealand 1st Port.

 Without trying to bore you all, l recently went on my first cruise.  I went on the Sea Princess to New Zealand with my husband (Andrew) had a fantastic time.
We arrived in Auckland our first port of call and decided to do our own thing at each port.  We did the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of the city a great way to see most places of interest.
First stop was Takaparawhau (Bastion Point) where we found the memorial to a family member on my mothers branch of the family tree.  Michael Joseph Savage, the first Australian Labor Prime minster of New Zealand.
Apparently a well liked member of parliament. Did not serve long due to ill health.

 This is the view back to Auckland from Bastion Point. was truly a beautiful place.
Another view back towards Auckland from an extinct Volcano... as NZ is made up of to many to count.
 The Sky Tower was another point of interest for us on this trip.being some 328 metres (over 1,076feet) Level 60 is the sky deck 220 metres. Level 53 The Sugar Club, Sky Jump, Sky Walk platform 194 metres Level 52 Orbit 360 Dining 190 metres. Level 51 Main Observation level 186 metres. Level 50 Sky Lounge Cafe 182 metres

Did you know the Sky Tower:
Took two years, nine months to build and cost NZ $85 million to construct.
Weighs 21 million kilograms.
Has 1,267 stairs leading from base of the sky tower to sky deck.

360 degree views across Auckland. There is our ship docked and waiting to collect all her passengers before leaving.
Some very brave or silly people having there adrenalin rush. Paying for the privilege of jumping off a perfectly good building.  Every 4-6 minutes another one would have a leap of faith in the name of fun/adventure...glad l could use the lift to return to the ground floor.
Full day of actives were enjoyed.


  1. Looks like a very busy time.... how amazing to get a bit more info about your family.

  2. How interesting to find out a bit about a family member, Maddy.