Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Car

 This is our Brand New Isuzu Twin Cab 4X4 Ute. This time we invested in the Auto and upgraded.  Drives a whole lot better, not so much truck like.
It is grey in colour  but looks a very soft pale blue. Has a lot more extras which makes the boys happier. But they are threatening to put on another bull-bar, because of the Kangaroos out here.  Probably a good idea but it makes the car look and feel so big. Not so good at the local supermarket trying to park in those tiny spots. They need a section for 4x4 to park. LOL.



  1. We have had one for a couple of years Hubby likes it ok I do not like the cab on the back

  2. Congratulations on your new truck! I agree about the parking spaces...our truck is even bigger than yours and sometimes I just park in the far end of the lot to save worrying about making it fit in a parking space! LOL