Wednesday, October 1, 2014

21 Year Old In The House

 I have a twenty one year old in my house. Son  No.2. Sean turned 21 today.  Yes it does seem like only yesterday.  Such a cute good nature child and has carried that trait with him through out his life.

Top  picture one shows the two older boys. Bryce & Sean enjoying a photo shoot.  Bryce has always been very protective of all his brothers.

Second picture shows Sean enjoying some water play time as he often did, would stay in the spa until his skin wrinkled. Bobbing around like a cork.
 This is my boy now, sorry about the picture a bit blurred as he doesn't like his picture taken any more so much easier to do when they are young.

Holding a family BBQ on  Sunday as he didn't want a big fuss. But will be having a trip O/S at a later date on us.  Such a cutie. But l am very bias.


  1. happy birthday to your young man Maddy and hope he has a wonderful trip o/s s.xx

  2. My goodness - time sure has flown by. Happy birthday Sean, life ahead of you - enjoy it.

  3. Happy birthday to Sear. A big year for you this year, Maddy, with a wedding and a 21st!