Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

My new granddaughter ask me to make her a Sleeping Beauty Costume in Red.  Thought it be nicer to add a little more colour  to the outfit, with a bit more bling.
Just the beginning of my new role as Nan C.  Looking forward to years of can you make me a....

A little more progress, just needs sleeves and abracadabra all finished.

Managed to take picture before handing over the dress to her mother to take home.

Have a new name for those of you who are unaware. I am Nan C.  to my grandies as they have three sets of grandparents.  The youngest is four and he is now calling me Nancy. LOL.  Just got to love them.


  1. love it Maddy and its so much fun being a nanna.xx

  2. Lovely Maddy. Looks like you've slipped into being Nan C quite easily!