Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cruise To New Zealand

Only 2 and a bit weeks until l sail off on a cruise with my dear Hubby.
We are heading over the Tasman to New Zealand for a 14 day tour.

Getting excited now trying to get everything in order. Packing for what ever comes our way including theme nights. Have to make formal outfit for black tie dinner as well.

Have all luggage tags made to see if it will all fit, hopeful under weight.
Taking a bit of hand sewing for when we are in the cabin at night or by the pool catching some sun. Only if we have spare time to our selves.

Leaving a freezer full of meals for the boys, saving the girl friends from having to cook for them...or way too much take away.


  1. Hi Maddy sounds wonderful ,love to go to NZ one day.xx

  2. Awesome. You guys have a fantastic exciting time. Would love to see NZ. Looking forward to lots of photos.

  3. Hi. I saw your post from April 2011 where you were working on a Therese Hylton quilt. I love her quilts! I am trying to find where I can buy her pattern called "Bluebird Cottage". Any ideas? Thanks! Sandy