Saturday, July 26, 2014

Children & Bubbles

Is there ever a time when children or adults don' t enjoy blowing bubbles.

 Lochy watching his sister blowing bubbles, trying to get the idea.

Abbey showing us all that being a big sister sometimes has its benefits.

Abbey also displaying the apron and chefs hat outfit l made for her.

Abbey was fawning over what she had received and Lochy looked a little lost as to what did he get in this deal.  I told him he gets to eat all the cup cakes that Abbey makes. Then he gifted us with the biggest smile and we all laughed.
 Lochy now mastering the art of blowing bubbles.  By the end of there visit they were blowing bubbles everywhere.

Not the bests background to my pictures but before they arrived l was cutting off branches from a few over grown trees

Was a great interlude though.

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  1. Lovely to have them come and visit and watch them have fun. The garden will keep for another day.