Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bryce & Carmen's Wedding

 Bride and Groom both looked amazing. The day went off with out a hitch.  Everyone enjoyed themselves the partying went on well into the night.  Finally finishing with fireworks being set off at the local carnival,  which only added to the festivities at the wedding. 

 Bridesmaids and flower girls on one side Best Woman and Groomsman on the other.  Think they all look great in their finery.  Colors go very well together.

Dresses all came together in the end, shawls and fans looked great also.

Local lady Natasha made cake.  Natasha is starting up a cake business from home this is her first wedding cake. I think she made a beautiful cake.


  1. Congratulations to Bryce and Carmen. Love photos. You did a wonderful job on the dresses, Maddy. xx

  2. Beautiful wedding Maddy
    Dresses look amazing Well done

  3. Everyone look so lovely ,your dresses looked awesome Maddy,lol,you can rest now.xx

  4. Best wishes to Bryce and Carmen - congratulations. The whole wedding party looks beautiful. You did a beautiful job on the dresses - gorgeous colour combination. Lovely.

  5. Best wishes to the newlyweds. The dresses look beautiful - a job well done.The blue ties also set off the dark suits well.

  6. Lovely pics. Fabulous job with the dresses Maddy. What will you do with all that extra time, haha. Sharyn:)