Friday, June 13, 2014

Teddy Bear Tea Party

 This is my Teddy Bear Tea Party Wall Quilt.

 I purchased from Gail B's out at Bayswater in Victoria. It was in a  Kit.

Started it straight away enjoying it one block at a time, then putting it together as a top.
It seem to have stopped that way.   It has been amongst my UFOs for a couple of years and will now be finished tonight at my very own sit and sew night.

Wish l could have one night a week put aside for my projects.
 The quilt has come alive with the soft girly quilting.

Another UFO put to rest.  This will be the third quilt finished this year.

You go girl.!  LOL.

 Has been custom quilted by the very talented Bev McClune. Just love her work...such a nice lady to deal with.

Will need to find some wall space for it to hang on.


  1. Your quilt looks wonderful, Maddy.

  2. What a lovely job you have done Maddy. Very cute! Sharyn:)

  3. It's beautiful Maddy - maybe this will inspire me to resurface mine and finish it - I too have been enjoying it but it got shelved for other things. Lovely to see it finished. Cheers Jennifer

  4. That is a lovely quilt and beautifully quilted too. It will look lovely hanging on your wall.

  5. Oh Maddy, that is beautiful! I hope you find suitable wall space to hang it where it will be admired by everyone who comes into your home! I have a few wall hangings in storage that I rotate every couple of months so they all get an airing.