Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gift For Abbey

A gift for Abbey because l can.
Abbey will be my new grand daughter in two weeks time.  I know she enjoys cooking.  Thought it would be nice to make her something special ... for her to cook in.  So much easier to make things for little girls. Abbey is 8 and interested in what l get up to in my sewing room. So have decided to introduce her to everything crafty.  When she comes to visit.

Have cut out fabric for her first patchwork quilt.

My two nieces will be joining me on the school holidays, they to would like their Aunty to teach them how to sew and knit a little something.  Would like to make something they can take back home with them. Going to be fun in the sewing room and the kitchen this hols.


  1. Very cute chefs hat, I'm sure Abbey will love it. You will have your hands full with all the young ones, Maddy. They keep you young. Sharyn:)

  2. awesome gift for Abbey Maddy.xx

  3. Seems like you are looking forward to their company over the holidays and they will also love being spoilt I am sure.