Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Missing In Action.

 Will be missing for a few weeks over the coming month. Making Bridesmaids dresses for Bryce's & Carmen's Wedding.  This is the pattern l will be using and adapting for the dresses.  Four bridesmaids and two flower girls dresses plus two ties for the page boys...ring cushion ... small bags for the girls to keep their lipstick in etc. Sewing machine has to go for a service all in the middle of this. Wish me luck!  Haven't sewn clothes for a few years.


  1. good luck Maddy,but you will be fine once you get going,i know its a big job i have done that for both my girls,enjoy.xx

  2. Oh you will certainly be busy, the blue fabric looks very nice. Good luck with it all - hope you enjoy the wedding when all is done!!