Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rachel's 21st Quilt.

This is all l have managed to accomplish over the last couple of weeks.
Inspired by Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies.
Aaah Paris! Quilt which was made for her mum and
featured in the Homespun Magazine. Issue 107. Vol 13. No 4.

 As Rachel and my son Sean are off to Europe on
 the 14th Jan.thought it would be nice of me to make
 Rachel a quilt to remember their trip plus be a nice 21st quilt. Still very much in the early stages but not a problem l have about 30 days to get it completed.
Trying to keep it a surprise so every time Rachel comes over it is a made rush to hide the pieces.

Love the checker board boarders and the Eiffel Tower fabric is printed with love letters and postcards in french. Found fabric at spotlight, how appropriate.  The corner squares will have hearts in them. I will be adding words to the front above the tower.  On the back l intend to use up the left over checker board fabric and add her name. Hopefully l will get another picture before l hand over the quilt.

I have to add a wedding quilt to my list of quilts for the year as my Son Bryce and Carmen his fiancee  are going to be walking down aisle. What an exciting year ahead.


  1. Hi Maddy, happy new year! I do read your blog, but don't comment much - sorry! I don't know if you are aware of the blog I created to keep track of the quilts donated for the PNG babies ( but I just wanted you to know that your five lovely quilts are now over in PNG and will be distributed to native families over the coming weeks. My cousin plans to photograph each quilt with its new owner, and email them to me so I can publish them on my blog.

  2. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous Maddy.

  3. Your quilt will be lovely when it is finished. I never seem to get much sewing or quilting done at this time of year, so I think you are doing well to get it done in 30 days. Your quilt will be a lovely gift for your niece.