Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snakes & Ladders For Girls

 This is my very bright Snakes and Ladder quilt board, for the very lovely Ruth & Grace.  May they have many hours of fun playing together on the bedroom floor.   Has taken a while to complete this project, but am very happy with the results.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Dee Dee Dolphin.

 This is my Dee-Dee Dolphin a Melly & Me pattern.  I was a little disappointed at first, because l thought Dee Dee should have been larger, but after making her up l have now changed my mind, she is perfectly sized.
Dee Dee was also a project for my FNWF but was not completed until now.
When she was sitting there on my sewing table waiting to be assemble l was not happy with the fabric l had chosen for her .... trying to use up scraps is challenging  to say the least. Normally l would have a fabric in mind before l started a project but having to rummage through what l already had... well that is  another chapter.
As it has turned out she came together and everyone has thrown her around the room and are very happy with the way she has preformed.   lol  A house full of Boys.  Now Dee Dee is resting on my book shelf. Waiting for that special child to walk in and grab her.
 UPDATE:     Watch out they are growing in have three Turtles and three Dolphins.  One is only three quarters finished.  Still have way too many scraps to every use up in a year.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simone The Turtle.

This was my FNWF project. Have been meaning to make this beautiful Turtle for so long now.
 l purchased the pattern from the Quilting Angel in Highfields last week.  I wanted and needed to enlarge her as she is a Pin cushion in reality a pattern by the very talented Heather Bailey sewing patterns (mini pattern) Her real name is Henrietta Turtle.  But l have re named mine for one of my many nieces the very beautiful her nick name is Turtle, don't ask me l really do not know.
All l need to do is add her eyes and "wellla".  Made out of scrap fabric from my never ending scrap box. Lachlan is going to Brissy to hand her over. Sorry about the photo as l was in a hurry to post and could not get a good one inside at night.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Productive Day

Have been a little bit more productive today making baby blankets for PNG. Thanks to Melody's blog link. Having fun putting all those scraps to very good use. Making a variety of sizes and styles, with flannel backings made in the bag method.

Has got me more motivated to make extra quilts throughout the year for the homeless youth here in Toowoomba.

Up Date:  These are the 5 quilt blankets l have sent off to Gina for her sister-in-law to take with her on her next trip to PNG.