Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gift Bags

 Made these lovely gift bags for future secret pressie.
I was only going to make ONE, but because l was not concentrating on my cutting l have ended up with five small gift bags. All lined of course.
But that is all fine as l got to use up more scraps, always a plus.

Love this little Animal one great for the new baby gift to go off in.
 This flower bag is for the more mature Ladies gifts...soap perfumes etc. Using up scraps is great. Cut this one to 10" X 8"
 When l was making this bag l had sewn the three side together cut the corners off and thought what have l done.  It ended up being a short stubby one. but instead of throwing it on to the scrap pile l used more scraps and here it is.
This was the original  fabric l wanted to make my bag out of.  Was just enough to make two bags each a little different.  Looks like Licorice Allsort. Will be great for a bag full of sweets.
Because of a lack of concentration l have reaped the rewards of five new gift bags.


  1. They are just lovely Maddy and any one would be happy to receive their gifts in one

  2. lovely bags Maddy,well done.xx

  3. Lovely bags Maddy. You have been busy!

  4. Love those bags, they will make great gifts. They will be terrific to take shopping and I am sure they will receive lots of lovely comments.