Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back On The Sewing Front.

 Firstly this cute guy has been coming around to say hello on a regular basis.  So today l decide to feed him a little left over pork he loved it. He is so friendly.
 Now for something sewing related, purchased this panel about a year ago, at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show.  When l was recently at the Toowoomba Quilt Show, l saw it on display at one of the many stores and thought, l should make a start on mine.   So purchased the necessary threads and headed off  home happy in the knowledge l was going to be a step closer to starting another project.

 I thought this would make the perfect Friday night project for the Sit and Sew nights. So off l went and started this on Friday night, then l put it down at the end of the night. (Good Girl).

But on Saturday because is was AFL Grand Finial day in Melbourne,which of course did not make any difference to Hubby and Sons, or the fact that we now live in Queensland and even though we did not follow either team. There was no way they were leaving the house, until the game had finished.

 So I sewed some more.
Got a bit of a run on over the weekend,  every-time l managed to get  time to myself which has been quite often as boys have been spending nights out or at work l would do a few stitches.
Before long l was getting into a rhythm.
Now l must put it aside for my Friday night sit and sew times, or l will be starting another project before to long..  Biggest problem is how do l put this all together when l have finished....need to go a shopping trip to Brisbane or Ipswich for suitable fabrics.
I buy these projects with no one in mind. Just enjoying the journey of learning something new.

I am sure this could be yet another 21st gift, for 2014. As l will have at least five in the coming year, with a niece, nephews and a son, his girlfriend. Busy year for 21st quits. A couple of baby quilts also.


  1. such lovely work Maddy,it will make a beautiful present,xx

  2. Looks great Maddy. The stitching is so effective on the black.

  3. This is really quite something. It certainly looks like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Your new little friend (the bird) sure is cute.