Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alpha Beary

Have been working very hard today.  Ventured into my UFO Tub and came across this little quilt l started about (6) six years ago that's right. l had come to a stand still when l run out of sashing fabric...purchased another white on white so l could finish it off but was never happy with the way it was coming together.

So this morning between blog hopping l unpicked the quilt and trimmed up the blocks. Have now decided l will simple sew them together as is...will sneak out  tomorrow  and find myself some alphabet fabric for finial boarder and backing.

The bears in the center holding on to their individual letters are cross stitched.
This is one for my Grans Hope Chest Cupboard.

Yahoo!!  did not realize that this is my 300th post.


  1. congrats on your 300 post Maddy and this quilt is gorgeous,it will be nice to get a UFO finished.xx

  2. The quilt looks lovely, you have already put in a lot of work getting all the cross stitch done so it will be nice to have it finished.