Friday, August 23, 2013

The Cutting Edge.

This is what l have planed for my
Friday night...a non sewing night.  Have thrown a small basket of scrap fabrics together, to cut into assorted sizes for future scrappy quilts. Will be so happy when the scraps are sorted....making my life so much more simple.


  1. well done ... cutting all that up is really a major task ... good for you ...

    and when i come to visit i have my own "small" basket i will bring and you can do mine for me .. heeheee ...

    1. Love ya....Will set you up with cutting board and you with food and drinks.

  2. Great idea having all that fabric cut out and ready to sew Maddy.

  3. I do the exact same thing. It makes quilting so much easier. Once they are all cut, when I get a few extra minutes I can then sit down and quilt rather than having to cut. Yesterday I cut out a number of Sun Bonnet Sues has I need to make 3 of them before Christmas.

  4. Great idea, but does the scrap collection ever come to an end? Mine just seems to keep growing.I have trouble planning how to put them together and what to do with them.