Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Re Cycled Scarf

 Last year l made many scarves for family and friends they were all the rage.  The twistie ones very long and become quite heavy after a while. I made one for myself but only wore it briefly, so l thought l would have another go and re-cycle it.  So l undid the scarf  rolled it into a ball and started again.
Casting on 50 stitches and knitted until l ran out of wool with about 100 cm left l cast off.  This scarf sits on your shoulders very comfy and light weight, more like a shawl but still a scarf. Still keeps your neck warm without the drag. So don't throw away your unwanted scarves re-cycle them.

1 comment:

  1. Maddy, I've never liked those over-long scarves, apart from being heavy, I'm too short to get away with wearing something that starts at my neck and goes to my knees! I love what you'd made your scarf into - warmer and definitely more elegant!