Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nap Mat.

Have not been doing much sewing of late been busy with Family B'days June is a very busy month in our house.

Fabric chosen for Little Lockies Nap Mat for Kinda...found this tutorial on Facebook...Carmen's Quilts. So far have made pillow, pillow case and Blanket. very happy with the results.
 He is going to have his very own Blanket and bedroll at kinda.  Gave it to him to night at Hubby's birthday dinner and he loved it...very excited...fell asleep in the car on the way home snuggled into his new blanket.

This is Tommy & Laa-laa my youngest sons toys, when he was around the same age as Lockie (2)   Now for a demonstration, with the Pillow and Blanket.  A bit of fun.....


  1. what a lovely birthday gift Maddy to give Lockie,well done.xx

  2. That is a lovely sleep set for Lockie. I haven't seen a LaLa for a long time! Brings back memories! Oh no. I've now got the Teletubbies theme in my head! LOL!

  3. How lovely, he is a very lucky boy.