Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Aussie Day Bag

My Aussie day bag with zipped front pocket.
My son  Sean came home with one of those light weight back pack bags and l thought l could make myself one of those, but with my usual twist.  I wanted something that no one else had, so l set out looking through my stash as this is my year for using up scraps and fabric l already have in my sewing room.  Found the piece l needed and started....laying out bits and measuring the size l thought l needed then over to the machine and started sewing.
I put a front pocket in mine with another pocket inside that for phone and cards.  As l really  don't like searching for phone when it rings.
The fabric l think gives the appearance  of dense trees, perfect for my Swaggie.  Have now received request from other family members to personalize ones for them. So l will be missing in action for a while. Hubby's one will be the next one as he is going to Tassie this year and would like a day pack for walking tracks. The only fall back is that mine is not water proof or as light weight as those cheap day packs you can pick up around town. 


  1. That is a superb unique bag!!! I guarantee you will receive lots of interest:)

  2. well done Maddy it is looking fantastic and what a great idea.xx

  3. Oh no Maddy. You're not starting to turn arty farty are you! LOL! No, seriously. Your swagman looks great. Very clever of you.

  4. Hi Maddy, I've been making a list of people who have offered to donate quilts to the babies in PNG, and in doing so, I've come across some great blogs! Love this bag - you are very creative :-)