Sunday, May 19, 2013

Minky Scarf for this Winter

 Have been wanting to make one of these Minky scarfs for a while, but had to wait until spotlight replenished there stock and the right colour.
They are so soft, light weight & warm.... unbelievably  you don't know you are wearing  it.
With the left over minky l made a smaller one for a child or a head band. May even have a small square left over to make a scrunchy for my hair to match.


  1. wow Maddy what a fantastic idea as the minky is so soft,thankyou for sharing your idea.xx

  2. Gosh what a great idea, and aren't you all decked out! :)

  3. That should keep out the chilly winds for the winter. Looks great.

  4. I'm sure that feels so lovely against your neck. Looks great Maddy. You're going to need it when you get down here!