Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother's Day Gone Scrappy

 Very usual flower on a bush, any one out there happen to know the name of the bush or flower??

Now back to more scrappy ideas making a few bunches of flowers for Mother's Day.... Firstly My Mum then other Mums.   Need to make up some playdough, does anyone out there have a recipe as l have not had to make this for sometime.

 Where is the best place to buy florist wire....

Off to buy buttons from Spotlight for the centers of my flowers.   Going to look cute as......
Using up scrap is not always the cheapest way to go... a block of chocolate may have been a better option.


  1. get your florist wire from spotlight too,your flowers look great.xx

  2. Chocolate might have been easier but the flowers are so much nicer

  3. love your little crafty flowers Maddy .. they are very cute and will be far better than chocolate .. no calories in fabric ......

    and ... i think .. but am not positive .. but i think that white flower is from the mimosa family ...