Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grab Bag

Just completed this little Grab bag.  Was suppose to be cleaning up my sewing room over the Easter Break.  But as always l got side tracked. Great thing about this bag is l used up left over fabric from previous quilt projects.   Scraps you got to love them.  This is now my veggie collections bag.  Very quick and easy to make up.  Plan on making another one for my  Birthday Gift stash draw.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beautiful Day

Ohhh! what a beautiful day for gardening.
Have been out and about in the garden pulling weeds, adding soils.  Hubby has been mowing and straightening/cleaning the edges around paths.  Once again the veggie patch has not disappointed us with its bounty of vegetables.

Chickens looking on for any signs of a good feed. Large dog "Spike" enjoying a good game of  ball after being cooped up over the past months because of the rain.
Good to go for a walk with out getting drenched.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Continuing on...

Continuing on from last post have now completed 8 Dresden Plate blocks, now thinking about the best way to put them together. Will have to google l suppose.
Also have continued on with the Luggage collection from Home Spun Magazine "A Trip To Remember" POM. One slipper pouch and two lingerie pouches Adding my own personal touches as l go....a pair of knitted slippers from my Mother, as l have tiled floors which do become very cold at times.  Love My Mum  she is good to me....

On that thought, will have to make My Mum something extra special for Mothers day.    Any ideas out there ladies.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Playing catch up!

OK OK was busy making a Dresden Plate by the paper piecing method, some time back, found it to fussy and frustrated  me to no end trying to keep a perfect curve.   So to keep my sanity, l re-cut and altered the pieces.  Making the time to complete this quilt much more likely and quicker. Don't want another UFO to try and finish off sometime in my future way way down the track..  

 Purchased this fabric over a year ago to make up a luggage collection set which happen to co-inside with the Home Spun magazine putting out their  Project of the month (POM)  Waited for the Magazine to put out all their projects and then began to choose the ones l would be more likely to make.
Was taken with a few of their ideas, so l adapted the slipper pouch  making it larger.  I really like my Slipper pouch, l also added lace to girly things up a bit. Adding some pretty smelly stuff into the bottom as well.  Just to make things smell nice.....have to check on what is allowed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Girls Stitch In.

 Not the best photo of an adorable stitchery by the lovely Kris Mearse of  Tag along Teddies blog....was lucky enough to obtain her project to work on for the day. Which by the way l have continued to work on again today.
Another very successful March day out in not so sunny Toowoomba / Highfields.
Every time l attend one of these great days out  held by the Quilters Angel in Highfields,  l learn much more than l some times need to know. lol.
But soak up all the information l need to go away feeling satisfied and confident l can finish this project eventually. lol. Not only do you get a delicious lunch which never fails to please, music to relax the inner self.... you get to enjoy the company of a fantastic group of like mined women who are also out for a laugh and good time. Always willing to share there knowledge and expertise. The new venue is warm dry and has good lighting for most of the day.  There is always plenty to buy if you are so inclined....which l am...fabric, patterns by the designers of the day plus much more.

Projects from previous years  are always great to see....completed ...unlike mine   The patterns are on sale for others to enjoy.   Nikki Tervo from Brandy gully always produces beautiful work.
Gives me fresh incentive to search out my UFO's.