Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Week That Has Been!

 Firstly the swag l made in a previous post has finally been hung up in my sewing room very happy girl now.
 New hedge planted around front of house to try and stop the many thousands of  visitors from trampling the front of our house, when they cut the corner on their eager way to see the winning gardens in our street each year.
 Another secret project being hatched. Will have to wait to see the out come.
 Started watching the Block again it always pulls me in. Which means changing things around in my home again.
 New bed linen wall art cushions etc.
 New colour being introduce into the lounge area. The family are happy that it is not more green. There is going to be a splash of turquoise throughout the living areas this year.  Wish me luck.
Last but by no means least still working on the Christmas decorations for my good blog friend Illene. Has definitely been a week of mixed efforts. Been watching too much of my kitchen rules also, spending way to much time looking through cook books.  Hope to achieve more next week in the craft sewing area.


  1. love your changes Maddy and cute xmas decorations.xx

  2. Looks like you've been busy Maddy. Cute decorations.

  3. Your new decor colour looks lovely.