Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Well have my camera back and was able to take a few pictures of the Christmas Decorations l made for family members and friends to add to their trees this year. Better late with the pictures than never. Seventeen in total will have to start a little earlier next year with l the new additions.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gift Bags

 Made these lovely gift bags for future secret pressie.
I was only going to make ONE, but because l was not concentrating on my cutting l have ended up with five small gift bags. All lined of course.
But that is all fine as l got to use up more scraps, always a plus.

Love this little Animal one great for the new baby gift to go off in.
 This flower bag is for the more mature Ladies gifts...soap perfumes etc. Using up scraps is great. Cut this one to 10" X 8"
 When l was making this bag l had sewn the three side together cut the corners off and thought what have l done.  It ended up being a short stubby one. but instead of throwing it on to the scrap pile l used more scraps and here it is.
This was the original  fabric l wanted to make my bag out of.  Was just enough to make two bags each a little different.  Looks like Licorice Allsort. Will be great for a bag full of sweets.
Because of a lack of concentration l have reaped the rewards of five new gift bags.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Post Arrives On Time.

 Watching out for the post to arrive for the last 4 weeks, becoming ever so anxious with every passing week.   What a great Anniversary gift, arriving right on time too. Hubby could not have planned it any better. lol.
Do not like buying over the net prefer to walking into a store pat the fabric and taking it on home with me.
But l have started to make more and more purchases over the net. Always nervous until the parcel arrives.
Love these fabrics by Bonnie & Camille will make great girly quilts for my 21st quilts due out 2014.
Off for a little pay now so very Scrumptious.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alpha Beary

Have been working very hard today.  Ventured into my UFO Tub and came across this little quilt l started about (6) six years ago that's right. l had come to a stand still when l run out of sashing fabric...purchased another white on white so l could finish it off but was never happy with the way it was coming together.

So this morning between blog hopping l unpicked the quilt and trimmed up the blocks. Have now decided l will simple sew them together as is...will sneak out  tomorrow  and find myself some alphabet fabric for finial boarder and backing.

The bears in the center holding on to their individual letters are cross stitched.
This is one for my Grans Hope Chest Cupboard.

Yahoo!!  did not realize that this is my 300th post.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Guilty As Charged.

Big thank you to Lily Pad Quilting for such a great little game.  Firstly welcome to my house hope you enjoy the tour.  I'm sure you will find out rather quickly that l am Guilty of being Crafty.

This is my entry hall.   Please follow me...we are off to jail and do not get to collect $200.  sob sob sob.

Out side the powder room is this lovely little wall hanging given to me for my 50th. Just love it.
In Sean's room is my first know the one you make before you really now what to do. I suppose you could call it a selfie.
 My room where my favorite quilt adorns my bed...Round Robin Quilt made by some very talented  NOTYQ's ladies. Queen size on king bed.   Just love it ... so girly.
Yellow quilt waiting to be sent off for quilting... laying around.
 Small stack of extra quilts in my linen cupboard. Grannies hope cupboard ... quilts for future.
 Scented Craft Bauble in dinning room.
 Sewing room swag.
Car quilt lap size.
 Lachlan's Collingwood quilt to small for new bed, single quilt on queen bed. 
 Dolphin in study.

Peanut cushion on Lachlan,s bed.
There is plenty more to see but that can wait for another time. Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday Night With Friends.

Well sorry to disappoint you, l spent a rather quite night sitting and stitching away...was absolutely blissful. 
Started straight after dinner, whilst the family cleaned up.  Hubby made me a cuppa, with a cookie. (Chocolate of course).
Managed to complete one side.
Was going to keep this project for FNWF only nights but, now have decided to stitch a bit every Friday night.  Have been trying to map out how to assemble this quilt when completed.

Will definitely need a trip to Ipswich or Brisbane for Japanese type fabric... no one up here carries a large enough range.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back On The Sewing Front.

 Firstly this cute guy has been coming around to say hello on a regular basis.  So today l decide to feed him a little left over pork he loved it. He is so friendly.
 Now for something sewing related, purchased this panel about a year ago, at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show.  When l was recently at the Toowoomba Quilt Show, l saw it on display at one of the many stores and thought, l should make a start on mine.   So purchased the necessary threads and headed off  home happy in the knowledge l was going to be a step closer to starting another project.

 I thought this would make the perfect Friday night project for the Sit and Sew nights. So off l went and started this on Friday night, then l put it down at the end of the night. (Good Girl).

But on Saturday because is was AFL Grand Finial day in Melbourne,which of course did not make any difference to Hubby and Sons, or the fact that we now live in Queensland and even though we did not follow either team. There was no way they were leaving the house, until the game had finished.

 So I sewed some more.
Got a bit of a run on over the weekend,  every-time l managed to get  time to myself which has been quite often as boys have been spending nights out or at work l would do a few stitches.
Before long l was getting into a rhythm.
Now l must put it aside for my Friday night sit and sew times, or l will be starting another project before to long..  Biggest problem is how do l put this all together when l have finished....need to go a shopping trip to Brisbane or Ipswich for suitable fabrics.
I buy these projects with no one in mind. Just enjoying the journey of learning something new.

I am sure this could be yet another 21st gift, for 2014. As l will have at least five in the coming year, with a niece, nephews and a son, his girlfriend. Busy year for 21st quits. A couple of baby quilts also.

Monday, September 30, 2013

MY First Attempt At Spinning.

Being my first time to attempt spinning. l was given this wool type fiber to practice on. Was a tad course and felt nothing like wool to me... the novice. 

 My Hubby purchased this spinning wheel back when we lived in Melbourne... from a garage sale on the Mornington peninsular and thought it would be nice if one of us learnt to spin. ( He meant me). It has sat around the house looking inviting for a while now.
After visiting with friends in Melbourne on a recent trip, thought l would like to knit a cardigan/jacket, this made me think a little more about types of wool ...then l had a brain wave, spin my own. ( Hubby encouragement all the way).

Then after visiting the Spinners and Weavers demonstration together at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, decided to give the whole idea a chance. So off l went on Thursday last and took my very first lesson.  Found it to be a very relaxing day and after the usual introductions went to work with many helpful hints and encouragement managed to spin this wool....into a ball of wool....sort of.  Would be a lot cheaper, quicker to purchase the wool from the store, but not as much fun.  This is going to be exciting.... wish me luck. So much more research is needed.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fantastic Quilt Show

 These are so cute. I think this may have been a challenge for the Big Morning Tea.
Want a CUP. LOL.
     Dianne gave us a Demo on how to make the perfect circle using a circle cutter.
        Would make cutting circles so much easier.
     Love this Beautiful Free Hand Machine Quilting Art Work.
 Row By Row Quilt as you go...was only one of 96 quilts on display at the Quilt Show. So many lovely quilts to many to photograph.  So many others on display around the
 Plenty to look at and buy at the sales tables.
  Store holders had all their wares for many tempting items to purchase.
  The Table Runner Challenge such great work.
 What an all round great show best l have seen in a long time.
 Very helpful ladies and a high standard of works on display.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Have been buzzing around the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers again this year so much to see and do.

This year have been to the same old favorite spots plus a few new ones including the Spinner and Weavers which l apparently have missed out on the last two years.
Purchased this lovely Black and Grey felt bag, will be great for a night on the town.  I am going to add some type of closure, large black over sized button. Looks better in real life.
Have now joined the group....should be fun, start my first spinning lesson on Thursday. Need to learn how to knit more than scarves. LOL.
Looking forward to doing more Felting.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cutting Cutting & Still Cutting.

Still cutting up scraps for future projects ...don't feel like l am getting very far, so much more to cut still.

Bagging up the fabric as l go, into sized pieces.
Still working on first basket of scraps....sharpening cutting mat on order.

At least there will be plenty of fabric to make a quilt or two.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Queen Scout Presentation

 A group of  25 Ventures from all over Queensland received their Queen scout certificate from the Governor of Queensland in Brisbane on Monday night 2nd September. The Ventures were each called out one at a time to receive their certificate then had their  photographed taken with the Governor Ms Penelope Wensley AC.

The night stated at 6 pm and went until 9 pm enjoying the cocktail party afterwards held by the Governor, enjoyed with family and invited guests.
Photo taken here with their Venture Leader Bungee. Three were from Toowoomba which was a great achievement.  Lachie, Brodrick and Liam all look splendid in their uniforms. Congratulation to all.

Sheep Races At Millmerran

 Sheep Races at Millmerran! What a Hoot!  For the last ten years the annual sheep racing is held at the Millmerran Show Grounds as a fun raiser for St. Jospheps.  They have races throughout the afternoon Wine Tasting and Fashion on the fields. Plenty of food vendors.
 Was slightly disappointed that they didn't sell any wool for spinning or knitting. Millmerran is a very small town but the surrounding retailers could have joined in selling anything to do with wool. Car seat covers of slippers etc.
 Could have Shorn the sheep before the races to make them more comfortable. They were dress to impress poor old dears. Not a Ram in sight.  LOL.