Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Sack Swap 2012

Such a busy time of year, with people coming and going.  Coffee with neighbors, family and friends dropping by. Yesterday was so busy nearly forgot to open my gifts from my Secret Santa Illene from retdairyqueen  boy was l spoilt, love everything.

The tree skirt went straight under the tree. Rotary cutter is in new cover, Christmas wall hanging is up on display for all to see. Love the Chrystal angel.  To many wonderful gifts to  mention......latest edition to my snow dome collection is so cute.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience cheryll, looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4 Ingredients

What a great surprise when we went to the local shopping center and came across the lady who wrote the 4 Ingredients cook books the one and only Kim McCosker.
We watch the cooking show then were given a free cookbook each and will be on local TV. tonight Andrew was asked what we would be cooking for Christmas Dinner. Great tasting food but not really only 4 ingredients are used though out their recipes.

White Christmas

 This is the closest we will come to a white Christmas here in Queensland.  It started out being a very hot morning followed by a very quick and sudden cool change with all the trimming of a fantastic light show followed by very loud thunderous applause.  
 It was more like a scramble to get the cars under cover and pets inside.
Even though it lasted for sometime and the hail was continuous throughout the storm cel that past over we had no damage.  But l heard that in Gatton they received golf ball size hail.  Glad we did not move there.

Friday, December 14, 2012

SSS Under Tree

Here are my Secret Santa Sack parcels from the very lovely Illene, under the tree waiting for me to open them on Christmas morning.  Sooo Very Exciting.  Thank you Illene this is going to be such fun.  Have played, shaken and felt them  within an inch of the tape wanting to come loose.  But not going to look.  Not going to be naughty only very very nice.  Ok Santa.

Christmas Light 2012

 Christmas lights in Toowoomba for 2012.
The whole family went to the annual Christmas lights in Queens Park in  Toowoomba last night, it has become an annual tradition it seems.  This would be our third year of lights.  Glads to see the latest editions, makes the whole experience worth a look every year.
But this year was a special year as son no. 3 was helping out this year putting the display together. Great work all.

These were my favorite ones for this year.  Would love a few of these lantern post in my yard.