Thursday, November 29, 2012

Japanese Garden

These beautiful gardens are at the University Of Southern Queensland.
Had a lovely walk around the park.....watching the ducks and  black swans enjoying themselves.  
Sat down with my sweetheart .... just enjoying  the day go by.  Great day!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Snakes & Ladders

That's right you guessed it!  You are so clever!

Snakes and ladders from the latest  Homespun Magazine. No:113  Vol 13  No:10

Bright and enjoyable great for young children. Loads of fun and easy to put together just the way l like things to be.  Will finish it off with a fabric die and Yo-Yo markers with buttons in four different colour ways.
Next  is the bit l do not enjoy so much..... the quilting... probably echo the snakes and ladders.  Sorry it is not finished but l got so excited, l needed to show you all.   LOL.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


What am l up to now??
Came across this great pattern and had to try it out.  Using left over fabric from other projects is always a saving.  Some times l wonder why l purchase some colours......but they come in  handy eventually.
Never thought of combinding these two colours before, but they set each other of nicely..... great for this project.

Not sure who l am making this for at the moment, will have to wait and see how it all turns out.

 Another first.....keep watching to see if you have guessed right.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sneak Peak Christmas Gifts

 My good friend Bobbie.B from "it's all about me" blog gave me this lovely coat hanger cover pattern which l have made easy and quick....great for a special and different gift idea.
Made a matching bag for traveling  inspired by Homespun magazine to keep you slippers or lingerie neatly packed away..... made another eye mask also inspired by Homespun magazine but this time put this lovely soft fabric which helps you to enjoy the whole soft.  Added these knitted slippers which  keep you toes warm and pampered.
This whole package is for Rachel for Christmas.
Made all these extras with left over fabric from the Amy Butler bag l made her last year.      What a bonus.....
Am  in the process of making a towel and face washer with her initials embroidered upon it.
She will not see this post as Rachel does not know that l least l think that is right.

Now l am off to do some well overdue mending for the boys.........also the neighbors child needs his suit pants taken up for his formal.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dog Leads

Nothing very glamorous happening here.....just practical.  Son No.1 has returned home bringing with him two dogs not one but two. The second one is a friends who needs someone to house his dog for a couple of being an animal lover son No.1  decided to take him in.  Well this second animal is young and untrained. Son No.1 has been walking and training him.....unfortunately he also likes to chew on power cords, both leads, flower pots the list goes on ( the dog that is) lol.  So to help out l made two more leads so the dogs can still go for their walks. Our yard is not large enough for two med-large chickens looking forward to the 1st Dec.
Sometime the dogs visit me in the sewing room, but not allowed to enter.....l am not giving him the chance to  chew any of my projects. lol.