Sunday, August 26, 2012

Play Time

 On Friday night my good blogging friend from "its all about me" Bobbie. B. and l organized a sewing night/sleep over.  We shopped for fabric and pattern the week before. The pattern is 9 Wise Owls from Kookaburra Cottages.

This is only a sneak peak, as we intend to finish the project off through the week.   There was a bit too much talking, chocolate consumption and silliness not necessarily in that order due to lack of sleep.   Finally getting some rest about 5am on Saturday morning....only returning  later to continue our project with a trip to Spotlight.   The lack of sleep finally taking its toll on us somewhere around 6.30pm on Saturday night.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Apron & Bag.

Another matching bag and apron for a friends daughter in Melbourne.  Has be a pleasure to make this cute little combo. Sweet sixteen bag pattern and Brandy Gully apron pattern. Another beautiful day of sewing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Veggie Garden

 Veggie patch is producing great veggies, out of the six cauliflowers planted all six have grown beautifully.
 Love the idea of home grown. Need to get the patch ready for the next season of veggies. Snow peas and Sugar snap peas have also been plentiful.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adding To Stash.

A week or so ago, l went out for some retail therapy with a friend and purchased some yellow fabric because l was weak weak weak. I know l should have been stronger but l couldn't help myself. lol.  Not knowing why or what l was every going to do with more fabric and a colour l had never thought about before. YELLOW.  Well whilst l was out buying those pink pompoms for the bag l made, l saw more and just had to have it just in case l came up with an idea. I also purchased 2 meters for a boarder. ????   Came home and played with the fabric for a while.  May have found an idea using the apple core template OR a stack and slash.  I always need another UFO l obviously don't have enough.

The purple and grayish black fabric will hopefully be transformed into a banner for my sewing room.  Help! help!  l 'm drowning in fabric. LOL.

Need more hours in my day, l think we should have at least 26 hours, two hours a night to catch up on all those sewing projects we have floating around in our heads.

Apron & Bag

Very cute and girly this little apron and bag pattern from Brandy Gully.
Used variegated thread for a more decorative look.
Like to use up the scrappy bits from other projects.
Only bit l had to buy was the pompoms. Think my little
friend will enjoy the parcel coming her way.
Something must be in the air as l am making a few girly things of late.Waiting on news about the two new arrivals entering the family in the coming weeks.    Exciting times.  Don't normally use pink, but seem to be finding its way in to some of my work.  Wonder if that is a sign of more things to make in pink. lol.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coat Hanger Covers.

Here are two of the three coat hanger covers l have put together today.  A very good friend of mine gave me this fabric. I thought they would look lovely hanging up in any young girls cupboard. Think it might need a little more embellishment, maybe a pink ribbon bow or buttons. Very quick and easy to make thank you BB.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Out & About

Fellow blogger Bobbie B. It's All About Me and I decided to make a break for it..... we came up with a do lunch and a bit of retail therapy.
 After our therapy session we settled in at the Angel cafe, for well deserved sustenance, absolutely the best food l have tasted in a while at any cafe/restaurant.
Upon refueling we once again headed of for more therapy, our day coming to a close we decided to make another time to have a play date.  Next time we are going to actually do some sewing with the fabrics we purchase.  A sewing weekend no sleeping hide away in the new sewing quarters, until we finish something.

There is a new blogger in town go over to her blog and say hi. malsthreadsntravels l am sure you will be welcomed.