Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruffle Yarn Scarves.

 Well l have been busy these last few days knitting up scarves for the Melbourne Girl,s to keep warm over the winter months. As always made a few extra along the way for family and friends plus sons girl friend and sister.  Don't mind really it is nice to be appreciated.  They are all made from the new Ruffle Yarns in the stores at the moment.  These scarves on the right are made from a yarn called ELICIA  found in Lincraft.  The ones underneath are made form the yarn called ELSA they have a lovely little pom-pom on the ruffle, have one more to complete.

The ones  above were made from another ruffle yarn called ELECTRA also from Lincraft. You only need one ball to make up a scarf.  The ELICIA yarn come in 150g ball producing a longer scarf. The others all come in 100g balls.

The yarn on the left is from Sams Warehouse and is a larger loop yarn and is perfect for Cairns climate.  My sister is going to love this one, it is in her colors. I have now made thirteen scarves only ten in photo.
Pink, Blue, Green, Aqua ,White and Black&White have already been claimed. Was fun to make only took me about 1hour each to make.  Great to do whilst watching television.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pillow Cases

 I visited Homemade by Heidi's blog you know the one that has the Friday Night Sew In button.
Well there is a call for pillow cases to be made for a great cause Conkerr Cancer.  They are so easy to make, l made six last night. The longest part of all of this is choosing the fabric.
 There are patterns and tutorials just Google. I love doing the roll method so quick and fun too.Go over have a look and sign up.


 Big thank you to Christine Mac. the fabric is beautiful and so many ideas jumped into my fuzzy head all at once. When l decide what to make will post pictures.
Another big thank you to Simone M. for her lovely gift, this small bag which will come in handy is sewing room. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Butterfly Bag

Surprise! Surprise! another bag.  A good friend of mine recently made me aware that l had not yet made her one of my  Amy Butler Bags.  I know this particular person likes her dragonflies & butterflies.  So when l saw this very bright fabric out at Precious Times fabric store in Wilsonton, Toowoomba.  I knew this had to be the fabric to make her bag.  (Bag No.10.)  Fabric form Clothworks by Laurel Burch.

So please keep it a secret, until she sees it for herself on this blog. hehehe!  Hope you like!

Now l can get down to more serious sewing.  Have a few projects on the go at the moment, hoping to finish some by the end of April.
They are multiples of the same, so it will be like my own little sweat shop, so keep watching.

Friday, April 6, 2012


 Progress has been made this weekend, retaining wall is all but complete, sleeper steppers are down and stones placed in courtyard.  Entry to my new sewing area.  A couple of pots placed along the shed wall to capture the morning sun. Fire pot is in place for those cooler afternoons sewing and garden table & chairs are still on there way, for those morning/afternoon tea parties.

Front of shed is just about finished also, needs another delivery of stones.  Then it is complete.  Time to move on to next project side front yard.  Veggie patch needs new soil and plants. Hedges and garden trees bushes and shrubs.  Life is good.   Big thank you goes to all my boys and Hubby.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Horse Riding

Son No.3&4 have taken up horse riding.
They had an hour lesson over the weekend and have decided to continue  with their lessons.  They rode two very well trained stock horses who new all the tricks.  Once they mastered stop and go the rest came through trial and error.  Always great to see them enjoying outdoor activities.   Next time we need to make sure we all wear hats and plenty of sun screen.  I didn't plan on getting out of the car....... was going to sew quietly.  Maybe next time!