Monday, February 20, 2012

My Green Bag!

That's right more of that green fabric!  I know you are asking yourself, how much did she buy??  Well this is close to the end ...... except for the crazy patch ovenware l am making next out of the scraps.
This was suppose to be my FNSI  project l did have it already cut out on Friday afternoon,  but we had visitor so l started it on Sunday.
This bag is for ME.

Have started planting my lush tropical garden, has a long ways to go.  Just love the shape and colour of this leafy plant.  Added a couple of orchids and a bird of paradise still in their pots waiting for retaining wall to be started and completed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thread Catcher.

This is my thread catcher, it is attached with velcro to my sewing machine mat, so it will be easy to remove it to be emptied.

May go looking for some nice green very large ric-rac.  Attach some fabric bows etc.  That is the last item for the sewing machine.

Now on to another book cover & maybe a bag or even oven-mitts or pot stand.

The Girls In Stitches Day Out....

The annual Girls In Stitches Day is fast approaching.  Held March Saturday,10th & Sunday,11th.  I will be attending again this year to both events held at the Village Green  in Highfields.   Wonderful time had celebrating & meeting new and interesting women of like minds. Event held by the Quilting Angel patchwork store. Guests: Debbie  Maggee (Always Stitchin) & Nikki Tervo  (Nikki Tervo Design / Brund Gully).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sewing Machine Table Mat.

 Matching fabric for my Sewing machine table mat.

 Don't you love it when everything coordinates.    I have attached the binding to the mat.

Next the mat completed, bound & quilted.
Placed neatly under machine, only thing missing now is the thread catcher, which has not been forgotten.  Still in progress.

Looking rather well dressed if l do say so.  Fabric brightens up the whole sewing room area.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Dinner.

 This is what is on the menu for our Valentines Family Dinner.  Roast pork with apple, raisin stuffing, horseradish & garlic gravy.  With roast potatoes, pumpkin and steamed broccoli.  Recipe from the Coles Christmas magazine 2010 edition.

Homemade Cassata ice cream always the children's favorite.      Recipe from the Australian women's weekly Home Library Italian cooking class.

Lemon curd tarts recipe from the Coles magazine again.  As l had six egg yolks left over from the pavlova  l made two nights ago.

What would be Valentine's Day without a heart or two.  Shortbread biscuits decorated with mashmellows and jaffas. Made by my No.2 son.

Going to really need a good work out after this meal.

Thank goodness son's girl friend is coming over to dinner to save me from eating too much.

Great success!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover.

Saw this great fabric when l went to Warwick last Wednesday.  

Fabric rage is "Bag It!" by  Fabri-Quilt,Inc. 

Clean, fresh just what l needed for the new sewing area.   Was easy to make this machine cover, with ties on the sides.  Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. 

 Purchased enough to make a number of items.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


 Memories are funny remember people, situations from your past in a different light.... as years go by.

I was looking though my recipe books looking for a certain cake l wanted to make. (A simple tea cake).  When out of it's pages fell this little picture my DS2 drew.  An" idea" came to me, l would make this into a recipe book cover for my Mother for Christmas this year. So she could collate her favorite Christmas recipes and hand them down after she is no longer with us. ( Which hopefully will not be for a long time yet).  I went off to Officeworks to have the original enlarged as l was not sure how l would tackle this project.   So l have decide to make my mother a wall hanging also.

My sister Wanda past away in 2009 from the big "C". She was only 52yrs old.
She had a hard life after marring young and having two children a pigeon pair, her marriage broke down, after postnatal depression, nervous break down  turned into schizophrenia, for many years, a treatment on medication and  shock treatments.  Then after she finial come off her medication the big "C" came along with all its treatments.  Makes me very emotional just thinking about a life lost.

As a young girl growing up she was a bit of a Tom boy.  Full of mischief , fun and a great sister to have on your side. Always there to lend a helping hand if needed.  As the years past on into high school she showed her talents with sewing , music and drawing.
This is when she drew this picture for my cookery class.   Each year l made a Christmas cake for the family and this year l had chosen to do something a little different.  Hence the sketch was drawn onto the cake. I was so excited for getting full marks for having an original idea.  Thanks to my sisters help!

Now the same sketch will be used again, keeping her in our thoughts always.  These are the memories we leave behind for our loved ones.  It was great to be able to remember Wanda as l stitched this small project together and will not be the last time l will be struck by memories.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

....more quilters / man cave.

That's right l am already taking over part of the shed. Hehehe!  I have not quite got half but it will all come in time.   I was given 1/3rd as long as DH was allowed to put in a false ceiling for storage. Which also works in with my plans.  I think my part needs a name.

Shed is going up!!!

Couldn't wait to tell you all the shed is going up!

That"s right the guys were suppose to arrive at 7:00am this morning but eventually arrive at 9:00am.  After about 2 hours of working out the puzzle of bits they started erecting the shed.

We have a frame and glass door to my sewing area so far.

They will continue tomorrow to put the walls up and the insulation in.    By tomorrow night the shed will be excited.  Then we have to wait to connect the electricity, pluming for the tanks etc.

So so very excited that we are finial getting closer to moving all the extra boxes of stuff out of the house. After living here for 15 months.

 Yeah for us.

 Then l can start buying furniture to make my sewing area workable.  A visit to the local second hand store for bookcases and draws etc.
It has been along journey getting this far as the shed was suppose to be completed back in November.  But with weather and availability of workers than of course Christmas Hols, well you know how it goes.