Friday, December 14, 2012

SSS Under Tree

Here are my Secret Santa Sack parcels from the very lovely Illene, under the tree waiting for me to open them on Christmas morning.  Sooo Very Exciting.  Thank you Illene this is going to be such fun.  Have played, shaken and felt them  within an inch of the tape wanting to come loose.  But not going to look.  Not going to be naughty only very very nice.  Ok Santa.


  1. Won't be long until we can open our pressies. I see you're saving yours until Christmas day too!

    1. Always nice to receive something on the morning. Bit hard to put a new car under a tree....especially if you buy it in January...Ha Ha Ha!

  2. I did put lots of tape on the parcels for that very reason LOL
    Getting exciting now