Friday, November 2, 2012

Dog Leads

Nothing very glamorous happening here.....just practical.  Son No.1 has returned home bringing with him two dogs not one but two. The second one is a friends who needs someone to house his dog for a couple of being an animal lover son No.1  decided to take him in.  Well this second animal is young and untrained. Son No.1 has been walking and training him.....unfortunately he also likes to chew on power cords, both leads, flower pots the list goes on ( the dog that is) lol.  So to help out l made two more leads so the dogs can still go for their walks. Our yard is not large enough for two med-large chickens looking forward to the 1st Dec.
Sometime the dogs visit me in the sewing room, but not allowed to enter.....l am not giving him the chance to  chew any of my projects. lol.


  1. Hi Maddy, just when we think they have flown the coop they return like a Boomerang, and bring along their baggage as well. I am sure you will survive.

  2. Sounds like a load of fun at your place. I must admit I'm so glad that it is you and not me.

  3. sounds like you have your hands full Maddy.xx