Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Home Alone....

Whilst l have been home alone over the last two nights have managed to do some hand embroidery.  But my time has run out and family will start to appear over the next few days as school holidays come to a close.
Like this little Xmas bear very cute...makes into a card or very small something.

The Tea party stitchery comes from Candlelight creations "Teatime Treats"  some very nice stitcheries  in this pattern. Will probably be made into a recipe book cover.   No stitch Police please, am still in the early stages when it come to hand embroidery.


  1. oh Maddy they are both gorgeous,very cute,well done.xx

  2. Hi Maddy. Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you are home alone! Both stitcheries look lovely. I love the tea party one.

  3. Gorgeous Looks pretty darn good to me
    Loving the tea one

  4. gorgeous ... i love your stitcheries ... well done ... lucky girl to be home alone ... even if was only for a couple of nights ....