Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tea Pot Extravaganza

There was some thing for every one...Christine this one was for you.
               This was one of my favorite.
  Simone, Rachel, Libby, Jennifer.....and others who are cat lovers.
       For those down on the know who you are.
   For all those craft people who love to sew....and love bears.
 Last by no means........  for those who  enjoy high tea.......with there lady friends.


  1. wow lots of lovely tea pots thankyou Maddy for sharing.xx

  2. Who would ever imagine there could be such a wonderful variety of teapots!!!

  3. Like Shez said. WOW! Yes, I do love that chicken one. And the sewing machine one and the ...........! LOL! They are all lovely. Where did you see all these?

  4. The teapots are all great. Sorry I did not get there, maybe next year. Thanks for sharing what you saw at the display.